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  • mshulack mshulack Jul 20, 2013 7:30 AM Flag

    The weak hands (or "The Stupid Investors") theory.... so funny

    I read some posts on this board of longs who sold their shares yesterday, and I'm amazed.
    People do not understand the dynamics of the market...20% rise in SD is nothing. Especially when the commodities shares are only starting to wake up now. The perfect time to buy SD is exactly NOW.
    In addition, SD broke up and held (at large volume) a significant resistance level at $5.60... so technically it's in a great position.
    Yet, all these hard beaten long timers get nervous and sell now after this little jump... how funny.
    It's the same people who held on to SD all the way down (instead of selling), losing over 50% of their investment...Go figure.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Get ready to make some money! Almost at the low......

    • Hows your advice working today?

    • A lot of people, including me, have made a bunch of money buying and selling this stock. Buy low, sell high. It's all a big game, you just need to get the timing right. Whether this rally will hold is yet to be seen, but selling right now is not a "big" mistake, IMO. I've pocketed some good profits, getting in at 5.00. If it dips again I will buy some more. If it keeps going up I'll look for a good entry point or maybe look at something else. This is a game for people that don't look it as real money, just a game, and can afford to lose.

    • you call them "stupid" , but if they catch a pullback Monday they'll be geniuses , so it's basically like a football team "going for it on 4th down" ...... Miss it - yer an idiot ........ Make it - yer a genius

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      • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Jul 21, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

        Sounds like my man Tom Osborne

      • Thanks Mars,
        I, medic, letstalk, Intelli and others, who sold,.. are NOT trying to be a geniuses, just trying to make a "buck" on what has been a pretty schitty,.. "investment" ($60.00 down to the $4's with Ward!!)
        I'm 3 for 3 on making a profit, on SD,.. after LOSING Money,.. for the last 3 YEARS!!
        From $13.40 (in 2010) down to $4.60 (in 2013),... LOL!!
        I don't consider myself stupid,.. for taking profits!
        Yes,.. it's a gamble being temporarily "out", of SD!
        I do think SD has a future and hope to "buy back" at a "reasonable" price!
        The NEXT week or, two, will be critical for those of us, who want to buy back in, surely!
        For me personally,.. I've done better being a "swing trader" on SD and feel the last 3 "sales" were worth the "gamble",.. JMVHO and $5,600,.. better off!

    • Have you EVER looked at an SD,..Chart???
      It's full of peaks and valley's,.. MOSTLY,.. "valleys",..
      I've been here 4+ years,.. ONLY "traders" and "shorts" have made ANY,.. Money!!,.. A FACT!!
      In the last 6 months after selling this POS at $6.35 I've made,.. $1,100., $1,600 and recently $2,900.
      If, I would have "HELD",.. SD,.. I'd still be DOWN,.. $.70 cents from my "sale point"!! (.70 X 7,000 shares= $4,900.),.. LOL
      The $5,600 in "profits" gets MOST maybe all,..of my ,.. LOSSES,... BACK!!
      YUP,.. I SOLD TOO SOON and lost out on about a .17cent rise,.. BIG F'in DEAL!!
      Maybe I have to "chase" this baby,.. IF,.. you're right,.. I don't think so! ANOTHER,.. "valley" will come along!
      SD has 488 Million shares out there,.. someone will "dump" in the next week or, two (when "reality" sets in!!) and I will buy back in.
      This "time it's different",.. USUALLY,.. doesn't work with,.. SD.
      It's a "traders dream",.. IMO
      UNTIL SD,.. has GOOD,.. fundamentals, like Intelli,.. pointed out!
      Hey,.. just my,.. VHO,.. BUT,..EVEN with the "board",.. CASH wise!

      Happy Dougie!

    • I think that this stock is very undervalued and will go a lot higher in next couple of months. The challenge for longs (long term investors) who have taken a beating with this stock is to average down and hold their shares. They just might make their money back and hopefully make a profit. When everyone realizes the potential of SD and all the analysts are rating SD a buy, the stock will be a LOT higher. imho

    • I think I speak for most longs when I say you don't know #$%$ ur talking about and perhaps you will learn the hard way. Sd has a mind off its own for starters and secondly this stock has nearly no value from a fundamental's overpriced. The whole thing with sd is its net asset value which equates to around 8 to 10 a share that's why tpg didn't want to sell the Permian because that put it as high as 12. If you wanna talk like a big dawg the. Why don't you prove you deserve to be respected as one. Go buy the 6th edition of security analysis and read approximately pg 525 to 570 (don't remember exact pages) and it will outline exactly what tpg is thinking and what is likely to happen with sd. after you read that and after you look at sd past, perhaps u won't make the same arrogant comments.