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  • medic_5678 medic_5678 Sep 11, 2013 10:53 AM Flag

    what it's going to take to move this stock

    short of consistently miraculous well results, i'm increasingly thinking that it's going to take a major financial event to meaningfully move this stock. of course, a sale qualifies as that. however, sale of the gom assets could do the same thing.

    so even with great 3rd quarter earnings, this will be an anchor around the stock price until this issue is addressed. sd's asset base is undoubtedly significantly undervalued. but sd doesn't have the money to develop it and that's the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

    rather than watch the ticker, i'm going to be checking my email for press releases. lots of smart money trying to solve this issue, and when they put together a money solution, we'll see value. until then we are going to languish in the 5's and possibly low 6's. i

    good luck to all longs.

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    • Agree with your analysis. Check out IONAF if you take any off the table here. Lots of info. On the website (Iona energy) and message board (IONAF). I think you'll like what you see! Thank me later.

    • It will take a buyout. SD is dead money. The first guy who offers $8 owns SD IMO.

    • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Sep 11, 2013 12:31 PM Flag nod of approval............

      jkjk, don't get your panties in a wod.

    • not doing bad , but Q3 earnings should give us a boost ..... and I suspect SD will be running higher 2-4 weeks prior to earnings ..... I bet we're close to 8 bucks going into Q3 report .... SD has been making at least 10% more profit on higher Oil lately , and there will be NO "one time 120 million dollar hit" on next report ...... I tell ya right now , if SD doesn't shine on Q3 report , I'm outta here forever ...... I've waited long enough for positive solid news from SD , this is it for me ....... Q3 or bust ..... and I don't ask for much , just a good positive report with increased revenue going forward , maybe an asset sale , a little debt reduction , something that says - "it's going to get better from here , and we are on the right track" ..... There are way too many stocks out there to keep playing the waiting game on SD ..... put up or shut up ..... heck , AMR might be risky , but if all goes well , it's an easy double or triple in a year ..... I bet AMR sees 15.00 before SD does , and it's 3.40 right now !!!!!! NOT recommending , just "comparing" places to put money ...... I know the Oil and Gas boom is for real , and exporting is a key feature , especially for gas prices to increase , but I have been kissing and caressing SD for a long time now ...... I think it's time to get laid !!!!!! lol

    • medic_5678

      I see you are feeling better today. Lets keep our smiles wide, & try not to worry about SandRidge to much.

      Happy Payback Himself

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