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  • medic_5678 medic_5678 Sep 19, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

    other things: how do you guys like xco

    wilbur ross up to his eyeballs in this one. he's no dummy, but even the smart guys will occasionally step into a hold and break their leg off at the knee.

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    • why don't you morons move over to the Wilber Ross/xco board and waste time over there ?

    • I've just been trading it a few times from near 7.00 to near 7.20 , just taking advantage of the recent range swings ..... just putzing around with it right now ..... I am sort of taking a little profit , keeping some cash , waiting for the "bad news" to hit the markets , then buy and hold for 2014 profits ..... XCO will be on the list if it dips well under 7 ..... for now , I honestly don't know if 7 or above is a great price to buy and hold , especially if you would be buying a lot of shares (might see 6.50 again on XCO)...... I think the day will come when all these oil and gas stocks will double if they can hang on a while longer into 2014 , but this debt ceiling garbage is coming ...... By 2014 , Oil is bound to be 110 + and gas 4 + , never to look back , simply because all this printed funny money is going to inflate prices on things we need eventually ...... a hundred dollar bill will be nothing in 2014 and beyond .......

    • They have obscene debt and trade at 4x book. LMAO are you stupid or what?

    • xco has a lot of debt for the revenue they take in. five dollar ng seems really distant as other companies will turn on the taps before those prices come about. ionaf or a TAT (transatlantic) seem far better options. TAT has minimal debt and funds their drilling thru cash flow. xco cant even come close to doing that

    • If NG rebounds, which I expect it will,,,,XCO is the NG play in my opinion. Ross isn't in it to lose $. It's in oversold territory right now in my opinion. Look at IONAF who gets UK NG prices and light sweet crude from the NS. The message board has good info. It's a great story, and I feel like the risk is very minimal for the tremendous upside it offers. Just my opinion. Best of luck to you.