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  • krill66 krill66 Oct 21, 2013 11:33 PM Flag

    Nothing wrong with taking profits......but

    I gave it a lot of thought Friday and this morning...yes, the tech indicators show overbought (RSI, stochs) but stochs showed overbought back on Sept 9 too when the PPS was around $5.60...there was a brief pullback there as well, a few pct points....and then you know what happened.

    If someone is able to squeeze 3 or even 5% out of SD by flipping it....cheers, good on ya. I'll admit that I don't have the cajones to flip like that, I'd be too afraid of missing out on much larger gains here with news of a buyout or an earnings surprise.

    Good luck :-)

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    • Krill,
      An earnings surprise is a "given", due to $100.0+ Oil for the last 3 Months ,..IMO
      It's just a matter now,.. of how BIG of,.. a "surprise" is coming!
      I'd also, be interested in knowing if, SD increased their Oil "hedges" during this period.
      An "upgrade" could also come, any Day, now,..OR,..a New "investor" like Cooperman, could start a "position"!
      And don't forget,.. the "progress" of the10 Woodford Wells will be discussed during conference call.
      YES,..I agree,..NOT a time to be "out" of SD
      Congrat's, to those who made some nice Money "trading" !
      I'd only be buying MORE,..if the S P drops a bit more.

      Sentiment: Buy

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      • Doug, although SD has a history of upside earnings surprises I am not sure about this quarter. The reported wells (that I have seen) have not been good on a boepd basis but have looked very worrying on a bbls/d basis. As 80% of the revenue from Miss comes from oil this is a major concern even with $100+ oil.

        I think the saviour of the quarter may be the woodford test wells (wall st always looking forward) and the fact there has been no GOM disruption due to hurricanes. Although hurricane season does not officially end until Nov 31st the main part of the season is coming to a close as we get to the end of October and therefore the production SD set aside in their guidance will be added back in partially in this quarter but mainly in the next.

    • Agree.... you've got to be "in it" to win it.

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