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  • xxs_n_00s xxs_n_00s Nov 7, 2013 1:11 PM Flag

    thanks easymoney

    i took your advise and sold all my shares at 6.95 a couple weeks ago. i just bought back 2 million shares at 5.78 and i'll buy another 3million if we go to 5.65. you are a genius and a saint. thanks for making me rich.
    sd to da #$%$ moon.

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    • Yeah riiiiiiiight!

    • You better get used to seeing this post at the top. I'm going to keep bumping it for all the real posters to see! OH and btw, how much have you lost on this turd so far?

    • Why are ou lying elvis / easymoney? Do you really think any real posters believe you? SD recently made a high of 6.96 on oct 21. You never posted on the sd board that day, but you did post on the 24th.

      easymoneyman00 • Oct 24, 2013 9:05 AM Flag

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      Your a complete IDIOT! Notintelligentinvestor! Do some DUE DILIGENCE before you speak! You really are just a kid and not a real investor... They are hitting some very nice wells and at the end of the day NATURAL GAS is going to be the real play in the future IDIOT. You are in the box kid think outside the box if your ever gonna make real money! NAT. GAS not oil is the future! OIL is the play today but Nat. gas is the future and if you knew anything about this stock you would then understand WHY so many HEDGE FUNDS and individual investors see SD as a great buy for the future with the price in the low $6's . I just bought back 10,000 shares that I sold at $7.10 a week ago I"m loving the way this trades right now, trading 10,000 shares in and out is the ticket for a couple more earnings announcements! By the summer we should be very close to the $10 mark then we will see if any suitors come looking for us???? This is how you can make some real cash Trading SD when it bounces up and down too easy really!

      SD hasn't traded at 7.10 since January. You are a mullet and a proven liar.

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