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  • sand_dog_sucks sand_dog_sucks Nov 24, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Obama making peace with his muslim brothers so they can finish

    building the bomb. What will it do to oil prices? I can't imagine they won't go down. Might be wrong, but I would be surprised if they don't.

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    • Jesus Christ where do you mutton heads get your info... Obama will go down as one of the best presidents the U.S. ever had while a guy like you who was born a U.S. citizen, white and a male (the vagina lottery winner) has not accomplished much with his life.. Sad Just Foking Sad

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    • Israel and Saudi Arabia are now united against Iran....go figure. The community organizer is not respected anywhere in the world...except for maybe Kenya. Our foreign policy is a joke....Russia and China are laughing the hardest. It would be nice if the community organizer would just stop with his daily menu of lies.

    • Hussein Obama the Muslim is the worst thing America could have asked for... the entire free world will pay for this for many generations to come.
      He has destroyed America on all levels.

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      • The only way to destroy AMERICA was from within! He seems to being doing a great job of devaluing the $$$ ? Bring down our financial system and you just might bring AMERICA to its knees! This is just so sad that others here don't see whats happening to our dominance of the $ being the ''WORLD'' currency? Soon we will see oil and everything else trading in a different currency across the world... I travel a lot, and foreign countries don't want the dollars anymore ?? Why is that? Because they know it's saturated with debt and are not wanting to be a bag holder in case of 'DEFAULT'. OBAMA needs to quit printing so much money... it's like he knows he destroying the ''AMERICAN DREAM'' for my kids and my grandkids? He is allowing it to happen on EPIC portions. It's not about black or white democrat or republican its about how we as "Free Americans'' can keep our freedoms that were so hard fought by our fathers and grandfathers years ago and ''UNITE and say enough is enough! Wake up AMERICA your very freedoms are at stake here... this ''WAR'' is being fought with politicians not bombs and guns! We are being destroyed from our greed and the pursuit of the ''ALMIGHTY DOLLAR'' Sad huh? Soon life as you have always known will change and you will have to give up a lot of that freedom that was won in battle for you and I years ago.

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      • Yes, his hatred for America and what it stands for, along with his hatred for the achievers that make up the middle class, and all his actions to destroy both will be hard to ever recover from.

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