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  • dealindave2000 dealindave2000 Feb 20, 2014 6:35 PM Flag

    SD vs. SDT SDR

    The 2 trusts are getting killed because the decline rate is MUCH greater than anticipated. Some may say TW gave the trusts the bad land. I don't believe they had enough data to know the good from the bad. SD better show significant increases in well performance with the cc or SD will take a drubbing. I've been trading SD for 3 years, and I've been burned holding through earnings many times. Liquidated my position today and I'm willing to miss the pop vs. getting killed with another disappointing report.

    I think the new management is doing a good job. Natural gas prices will help earnings, but the big money will look as the new decline rate info and move the price with that data.

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    • Decline rates will be what they have been. There is no answer for a depletion drive reservoir of this magnitude. Only reduced costs, and higher (unhedged) prices can drive SD to 8 bucks. I should have sold at 12. I am dumber than Ward.

    • I have been burned holding SD through the earnings as well. However now that you have liquidated your position I am confident that the earnings will be spectacular and SD will go through the roof. Either that or the sale will be announced. Thank you dealindave2000. One of us had to make the sacrifice..

    • I am retired and hold a large position in SD. How will the large dividend trust payouts effect SD. I agree that I don't trust the trusts should I sell SD and take the hit and I don't understand SD vs SDT and SDR.
      I would appreciate any input regarding my investment as I am getting old and looking for dividend. I am holding SD not SDT or SDR the dividend is to high to speculate.

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      • SDT and SDR.. SD's original assessments and hedges on these trusts have been so dismal that it was either complete ineptness or a nice scam for unsuspecting investors.. There is a concern that the wells from the trusts may mirror the rest of the wells SD owns.. I'm only holding on for a complete sale of the company which was stated in TPG's proxy fight. I'm done waiting for a turnaround get the best offer and be done with it. Of course I'm a little disgruntle from my losses on those trusts.

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