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  • hounddawgie hounddawgie Apr 23, 2014 8:56 AM Flag

    The Shorts didn't cover-out on Sandridge run.

    It will be interesting to see if TPG or Cooperman increased (or decreased) their holdings of Sandridge in the recent run-up. I am not sure how Cramer is part of the process, but he could be (???) We really need to know if TPG/Cooperman have been taking a stake in SD on the behalf of an eventual buyer. The Shorts obviously don't believe a deal is coming anytime soon and they may be right. I am more interested to see what TPG/Cooperman are doing with their holdings. I still think they (TPG & Coop) are working with a buyer who is in the shadows.

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    • TPG and Cooperman have not really been pumping SD very hard, given their large positions. This is what makes me think they have been acquiring shares for a 3rd party. TPG and Coop could be borrowing shares from each other and selling them (shorting) to keep the price low in support of a net growing of their long positions. In the short-term, if TPG/Coop have a "deal" with someone, why would they care if the share price falls (?), especially if they are still in acquisition (front-running) mode?

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      • You are right in the fact that they must be shorting. When you look at the fact that there is 93% ownership by insiders or institutions and there is about 12% of total shares shorted (higher percentage of float). That must mean the institutions are shorting. And I think you are right about those guys making money for themselves as of now and leaving the retail investors in the dark, even though they pushed for the investors to oust Ward.

        However, I am on their side, because I think at some point they will let it run and maybe have a deal and will reward the little guys. This should be making a run soon. Will they let it?