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    • << Clemp; I was a little dissapointed to read a recent post of yours where you said you would give it a few trading days and trade accordingly...your post had me second guessing myself >>

      No reason for you or anyone to second guess themselves. Everybody's situation is different. In my case, I made a little money on EFCX a few years ago but kept half of my holdings and, as it dropped, I averaged down (repeatedly) because I was sure the turn around was right around the corner. So, here it is a few years later and I'm finally back in the green again with ARTX being a larger percent of my portfolio than it should be and I'm sure the big pop is just around the corner.

      So, even though I've been burned by my greed once already, I'm waiting as long as their new business plan continues to go as expected but I am also wary of repeating my past mistakes when I ignored the warning signs that the business plan was not producing the expected results.

      In my experience, wisdom has a lot less to do with stock trading than emotion. It boils down to fear and greed.

      Greed: ARTX is in the right place at the right time on several fronts so, barring mismanagemnt (which I have not seen any evidense of), it's growth is almost assured. The question is when and how high?

      Fear 1: I sell in a week to lock in profits and the growth starts the week after that.

      Fear 2: I hold and watch as my ARTX holding drop back into the red for another few years if the new plan does not turn out to be any better than the first one.

      There's the whole story. Anybody got any wisdom that makes the decision easier?

    • Predict buyout by TASR by mid year at $35.

    • HAPPY NEW YEAR, Platoon members, and everyone on this board!!!!!!!
      My prediction, John, is 2.88.
      I think my guestimate is slightly low, but I'm sticking to it!!!!

    • We must save this board from the idiot posters! What a waste of time they are.

      My guess: pps at $12 on 12/31/04. And I will use the ignore button liberally again this year, putting all the useless idiots out into the posting void. Like "spacing" them out the airlock.

      Go ARTX. I hope my pps guess is way too low!!

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