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  • diligentconqueror_m diligentconqueror_m Sep 10, 2004 9:50 PM Flag

    Un-Vice Presidential

    You can just feel the hate steaming off of your posts as you attack W as if you were a woman complaining about every little thing you hated about an If Pres. Bush only cared about himself, he would not have taken us into such a risky war, and surely must have had what many thought was good intel about Iraq. Also, had we not even gone into Iraq, we would still have had a 'hot bed' in Afganistan, which are you being critical about GW going into that country as well? Had Clinton taken out Bin Laden, we would not had have gotten into the 9/11 jam in the first place...did he not have 8 long years to gather the intel to go after him after the first Trade Center bombing? or at least he was in office 8 years, God that was an awful time period for good and decent and high moralistic Americans.

    With us in 2 countries, Iraq and Afganistan, in a way we have spread out the enemy, which is shocking to me that those nuts don't give up by now....but you can give some credit to al jazeera t.v. and 60 minutes and others that attempt to discredit our honor by attacking the few to try to hurt Pres. Bush. And actually Iraq is a much easier landscape to fight al queda, than Afghanistan, some say, but those nuts would have found a way to draw us into a fight anywhere, or found there way back to the U.S.

    Now you can be critical about the intel or timing on Iraq, but there was good reason to hit Iraq, and we did not start the fight, we just expanded it to a larger level, and said if you ain't with us, 'you must be against us!'......looks like those infidels picked there side, whose side are you on? after those 2 twin towers fell, and some were seen cheering in response to that terrible tragedy, where were you, were you lining up support of those wanting to go after those terrorists, wherever they may be?...or where you planning your next protest, knowing that such a meanie republican president would lead us into harms way, and not just file a formal protest to the United Nations, like others might done.

    but, you know what, I bet your buddy Kerry would have done the same thing Bush had done, with the same info....he has already proven that he can be swayed like the wind, and often changes his mind like a weather