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  • shirley_ardell_mason shirley_ardell_mason Aug 25, 2010 11:31 AM Flag

    Takeda's Actos Gets Bad News

    "A third party can come in and could that third party be Takeda?"

    What makes you think that AMLN's recent partnership agreement with Takeda does not contain the same anti-takeover provisions as its old deal with LLY? If it does, as AMLN no doubt preferred, then Takeda can not be the "third party." A true third party buyer would have to deal with both LLY and Takeda as partners, making a buyout of AMLN far less attractive. AMLN designed into its big partnership agreements formidable anti-takeover provisions. This will give shareholders with patience the full benefits of their diabetes and obesity franchises.

    No third party wanted Byetta with LLY as a partner after many years, even with AMLN's stock trading at dirt cheap levels. AMLN would not enter into a partnership agreement with Takeda if it allows them to turn around and disrupt its LLY deal and force the sale of the firm.

    You are right - we will see. But I'm sure that won't stop many people from repeatedy posting that AMLN will be bought out for many more years, despite the stronger anti-takeover defenses. Sometimes we don't get what we wish for!

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