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  • kevinmik kevinmik Apr 1, 2012 3:10 PM Flag

    Starting Today Amylin Is Free To Sign New European Partner !

    As per Amylin's agreement with Lilly, on or after April 1, 2012, Amylin is free to send notice to Lilly that they want to start transitioning Europe marketplace to a new partner. Amylin has had 4 months to find a partner, so will they announce it tomorrow or are they waiting until after June 30, 2012, to announce complete OUS transition or are they going to announce a buyout ? Here is an excerpt from Amylin annual sec filing:

    " Under the terms of the Termination Agreement, we are permitted to deliver a notice to transition an OUS Country at any time after (i) June 30, 2012 with respect to an OUS Country where Lilly has launched BYDUREON prior to March 31, 2012, or (ii) March 31, 2012 with respect to any other OUS Countries, provided that with respect to Europe, we may deliver a transition notice on or after April 1, 2012. "

    Amylin Long

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    • I don't want a partnership announcement. Buyout purchaser should have their own routine for outside state sales. No clutter in the system.

    • Interesting...margin calls and first day of possible partner News on the same day.
      The timing of these events and the timing of the 14.9 M shares(Icahn owns 14,381,925 and reported none of the placement)immediately after BMYs bid Was it to block a takeover?

      It is of interest also that Wellington represents Lillys interests here.

      FMR LLC 12/31/2011 21,924,640
      ICAHN CARL C 12/31/2011 14,381,925

      Good Luck

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      • Oh, forgive the dumb question but, are we not beyond the point that Lilly could sweep in and 2nd bid a 1st bid to take a hostile takeover of Amylin? Lilly is out of that picture now, would think, unless they already knew their glp-1 drug was a total waste of time. Prob doesn't matter, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and while Lilly is out digging for treasure, another white knight will soon swoop in & be knocking on Amylin's door.

    • I personally think they wont have partner or buyout until june
      and if they dont announce it monday that will show everyone that it will then
      have to be june
      price will start coming down by end of the week since their wont be an announcement
      ill buy back in when it is back to the 15-16 price range

    • Europe's no good kevinkik. What they really need is interest from a pharma based on another planet.

      All of the big pharmas on Earth are likely to know how heavily Amylin's chances of survival are dependent upon somehow finding a way of breathing new life into an obsolete product.

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      • post your 1 star/ 2 star posts that malign AMLN, Byetta, and Bydureon ... without pause. Why, because you have nothing better to do. Meanwhile,the stock market obviously recognises the current value of AMLN and its products and will continue to add value to the shares as Bydureon's future worth comes more into focus ..