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  • kevinmik kevinmik May 23, 2012 8:05 PM Flag

    Keep An Eye Out For Lilly !

    They could end up being an unexpected winner of the bidding war for Amylin. If Lilly's Once Weekly GLP-1 Drug Dulaglutide Phase III results are inferior, Lilly could make a last ditch effort to out bid everyone to buy Amylin.


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    • Junk ! Get lost...
      Giving rubbish without citing evidence to back up...Go play with my kids, son.

    • Do the math and your OWN "DD", pal.
      You don't REALLY think that the current price
      truly reflects AMLN's fundemental value do you?
      I give AMLN the benefit of very big doubts when I say
      $14.00 fundemental value, but I'm willing to stick with it.
      Stock has simply run up here, on deserved speculation
      of a deal, which WILL come @ $29.00. If NO deal then back to
      $14.00 pps at VERY best, and VERY fast!!


    • Good point Kev, and I noticed it too, that no specific decrease in hba1c was noted in the latest release of the glp-1 drug, and no phase III data, and not presenting at the ADA! It does make one wonder. It all points to a historical failure at Lilly lately. Not just this drug, but examine Tradjenta (januvia or onglyza category); has anyone seen any IMS data lately on that me-too dppiv drug? Not seen it here talked about, so is it posted on any other msg board? Are they selling any tradjenta? Giving it all away???

      Is it too late for Lilly (or Novo) to join the bidding process? Maybe Lilly can partner up with that would be funny!

    • JMO

      I have said from the beginning that the bids would come down to LILLY and NOVO.

      Either outcome regarding the success of LILLY's GLP-1 is a positive for the retail sale of AMLN.

      If GLP-fc fails LILLY will be very motivated to get bydureon back. If GLP-fc is a success Victosa will have two once a week GLP's eroding their franchise.

      These are the two companies with the most to lose, and most to gain.

      • 1 Reply to dtrouble1003
      • Takeda also has a lot to lose with their multi-blockbuster drug Actos coming off patent and having major legal and safety issues. Takeda already owns Amylin's obesity franchise and would benefit greatly from also getting Amylin's diabetes franchise. The fact Amylin has what so many pharma's want, is what makes the buyout scenario so exciting and hopefully very rewarding when all is said and done.


    • Lilly, I'll regrettably part with my shares @$53/shr. Come get them!