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  • lyle19651965 lyle19651965 Jul 17, 2013 5:40 PM Flag

    next catalyst for acur

    just wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the next short term catalyst for acur if any? seems like it should be in the 3-4 range easily in my opinion, but here it sets barely breaking 2 ? any insight? thanks

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    • The next catalyst for Acura is the next earnings report on early August. That will give investors a netter idea of where the company is heading. Nexafed 2.0 won't be a catalyst until it gets some form of FDA approval, and that process takes time. Changong laws so nexafed can be sold OTC would be another catalyst but that would take even longer, changing drugs laws is not easy.

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      • I remeber reading gave some strong support to ACUR for the direction they where taking...I know they can fast track drugs… take…please correct me if I have it wrong…. this drugs has the same formula of active ingredients… the method of creating and inactive ingredients is what has changed….

        PS anybody watch crime inc... on CNBC... percrition drug abuse.. the cost to society is in the billions they said it is as bad or worse as illegal drugs... a lot on pain killers showed them melting them down... hoping to see a mention of Acura but no such case,,,,

    • The only reason we are at 2 is because 2 companies that hol a large percentage of shares (over 20% still) have been selling,,,, we have 2.98 cents in simple assets to a profitable company... That 2.98 does not include our products or Patents...The next short term event that will move of us is Nexafeed 2... we need more info when will be available..... it will be not sold behind the counter so every pharmacy will want to carry it... when will the FDA comment/rule on this...
      In my mind it is way under valued... So the 1/4 announcement on the 1st is the next chance...
      major store/chain starts selling Nexafeed is another one that would move us

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