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  • cos_pro cos_pro Feb 23, 2004 11:49 AM Flag

    $3 coming!

    Congratulations, Newbies.

    BUY MORE!!

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    • Let us all hope you are correct. I do believe the company is in much better shape - both technically and financially - then it was a year ago. Time will tell.

      Good luck.

    • haha... i was going through the old posts around july of 2002 when sgi made it above $4 and totally tanked to under a buck... u kept on telling newbies to buy more... then it totally tanked thanks to the crap earnings that came out...

      people wanted bihsop's head on a plate back then... but the truth is, he also lost a ton of money cuz he had bought a lotta shares himself b4 it tanked.

      if revenue increases (and stops the contraction that's been going on consecutively for years now), then this stock will blow through the roof.

      otherwise, what happened the last runup may very well happen again.

      so... now i'm just playing the waiting game to see what the earnings reports will show. sgi has a very bad history of disappointing, so yes, i'm worried.

      however, i still believe that this could be it. this could be the turnaround.

      many old skoolers will say that i'm gonna get burned just like all the times before...

      however, i've studied the history of this stock and company, and from what i've learned, the dynamics of this situation is very different.

      so it'll all boil down to the next earnings report, and i'm hoping of an increase in revenues...

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