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  • soooooooooosincere soooooooooosincere Nov 10, 2012 8:02 AM Flag

    $10.00 right now if Romney had won ?


    1) Obama the best choice for SGI and ALL stocks actually, notwithstanding the selloff this week. You have to think a little longer term and broader than that

    Obama win is good for:

    1) quantitative easing (which supports the market) - Romney wanted to get rid of Bernanke, whose policies have a lot to do with why the market recovered and has done so well over the last few years

    2) consumers: he's fighting for middle class tax cuts

    3) fiscal cliff resolution. now that the republicans can see that they can't regain the white house by dragging down the economy by refusing to compromise on fiscal cliff resolution, there's some hope for some resolution, and once its resolved, corporations will start spending again (which will be good for SGI directly (corporations investing) and indirectly (the jobs and economy situation will improve, which will be good for corporate profits, which will support further investing)

    4) science and innovation. Obama strongly supports it. Republicans tend to be anti-science. Just look at the description from SGI's Quarterly report and you can see that Obama win is better for SGI: "The Company's products are used by the scientific, technical and business communities to solve challenging data-intensive computing, data management and visualization problems. The vertical markets the Company serves include the federal government, defense and strategic systems, weather and climate, physical sciences, life sciences, energy (including oil and gas), aerospace and automotive, internet, financial services, media and entertainment, and business intelligence and data analytics. "

    5) there's lots more reasons but that's enough for now. SGI will do well but you have to give it time. Once the company becomes profitable (still just a promise at this point) this stock will take off.

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    • I am so glad you told me all of this as I was really getting worried.

      The DOW has lost 720 points in the last week since the election and SGI has lost 17% in value, but I know the current administration can do better the next 4 years as they now have 4 years of experience under their belt.

      Thank you for putting my mind at ease...

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