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  • diego_foley diego_foley Sep 16, 2008 11:20 AM Flag

    2 things are sure.

    Harley is the world's greatest motorcycle, and John McCain is a clueless egomaniac who does not care about his country.

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    • being new to this board i have a question, if so many of the posters on this board hate HD so bad why do they come here?
      i have a 2004 ultra that has been trouble free, it has about 27000 miles on it, not much by some standards but WORK seems to get in the way.
      if harley is such a weak company why was suzuki so proud to announce at the press release for the c109r that it was the closest they have come to harley.
      just asking

    • My Road King has 115,000 miles on it all my own. My Dyna Wide Glide has 45,000 miles that I put on it. Many of us really do ride our Harleys with little or no repair costs. But the nay sayer are just shorts trying to drive down the HOG stock prices. So why pay attention to them much less believe anything they say.

    • Harley as a company sucks so bad, that the government had to bail them out. California had to buy HD motorcycles for their highway patrol just to keep Harley alive. It is a company that is well beyond its time to die, it is only kept alive by the sheep of society and by fools with too much money and no brains. As P.T. Barnum once said; "there's a sucker born every minute" and Harley, I'm afraid, depends on the validity of that quote to stay profitable.

    • Good for you. My 2004 has over 37K on it, trouble-free. I agree a lot of H-D accessories and most of the motorclothes are offshore junk; easy to spot and I avoid them.

      I've been trying to ignore the posters here who voice opinions based on zero experience with the bikes. Keeps the board pretty quiet.

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