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  • hansy4prez hansy4prez Jun 10, 2012 5:38 AM Flag

    Helmet law

    The helmet laws are designed to protect human life. Just because you ride a loud junkpile, doesn't give you the right to violate our laws. It is your freedom to protest the helmet law, but keep in mind breaking the law results in fines and eventually the suspension of your license.
    It is our right to protest your loud pipes disturbing the peace, especially during the night when families are trying to sleep.
    The "loud pipes save lives" is simply not true. Any biker who truely valued their own safety would not ride one, no matter which bike. Nothing protects you 100% from idiot drivers sharing the same road as you. However, the helmet law increases your chances of survival and I encourage you always wear one. If anything, loud pipes infuriate some people to the point where they may exhibit deliberate reckless mean behavior at loud bikes. A non reckless act is getting loud bikers stuck at redlights to delay them so I get far enough ahead so I don't have to hear the annoying noise.

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    • Bla, bla, Bla... the rants of another quiche-eater. Talking about stuff that you don't have a clue about, only makes you look stupid. Helmet Laws suck and have no place in a "Free America". My bike is LOUD, I spent a lot of money to make it LOUD, just to make people like you mad. Hahahahahaha. What a moron...

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