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  • demsenate4obama demsenate4obama Dec 1, 2012 11:18 AM Flag

    selfish bitster wont share his genrater


    So class todays lesson is capitolism faiils again.
    It should belong to everybody because Everybody has the right to genraters and power in thier home. The rich dont pay thier fair share and shows we need to level the playing field for everybody.
    Double the rich taxes and government can buy genraters for everybody so nobody goes without. Thats how it shuold be and that's how it will be

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    • The poor wouldn't know how to use one. But you might be on to something. We give generaters to the poor they kill themselves with it and we save on taxes. Its like abortion we get to kill little blacks before they get on the welfare system.

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      • the hoodie street #$%$ couldnt figure out how to start the freaking thing. blacks dependent on successful working blacks and whites for food on the table. democrats want to bankrupt the country while republicans dont want to stop the EBT card handouts because they are more afraid of the mainstream media than voters. If CNN wants to smear some one on national TV they don't need a reason, they just make one up and harp on it daily for 3 weeks..

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