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  • nvec_spin nvec_spin Aug 6, 2006 9:06 AM Flag

    New Scumbags Shown up

    this weekend.

    I am not surprised with shorts' attack in full force this weekend. Some big FISHs are still short and cannot get out, on the top of that IBD listed NVEC in their 100 List.
    Traditional shorts almost left the board and all new faces shown up, which are hired by crooks and will be here until their ring leader covers or NVEC force them to cover, looks like this week NVEC will be around $28.00.

    I can imagine the pain NVEC has caused to Shorts, which they deserve and were long due.

    Hey Shortie your days are over, cover this week or you will be deep fried.

    I do not enjoy when someone is in pain, but these scumbags deserve it, because they are dumbest people around.

    Cheers to Longs;

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    • NVEC will not survive the tank coming in NASDAQ due to Syria and Iran's unofficical declaration of war on Israel.

      Expect the Israel to attack Syria shortly. This will escalate the entire Mideast including Saudi Arabia into WWIII.

      There are over 300,000 Muslims living in Michigan ready to attack strategic sites in America.

      • 2 Replies to going_down_from_here
      • Well, then, you have 299,000 buddies to help you. Go wash your turbin.

      • You are an idiot.

        However many Muslims there are in Michigan, the overwhelming majority are law-abiding people, not fanatics who will attack anybody or anything.

        If your whole thesis for the stock going down is the war in the Middle East, you are sadly mistaken. The war has been going on for weeks now and is fully priced into the market. If anything, the war is closer to ending than expanding, with a draft UN resolution now completed and under discussion.

        You deserve to lose all of your money, and unless you cover very soon, you probably will. This stock is going to be at $30 very soon, and if any major news is published, could easily go to $100 in the blink of an eye. Do you really want to go into debt to your brokerage company because of your stupid, ill-informed short?

        Let me give you a tip--shorting profitable companies with exciting new technology and very small numbers of shares trading on the public market is a sure way to end up in the poorhouse.

    • Hey great post. I agree, that the shorts are between a rock and a hard spot. But then its there choice. I have a hard time feeling sorry for them.

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