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  • new_tech_investor new_tech_investor Oct 9, 2007 9:29 AM Flag

    No Warning Bodes Well

    The fact that NVE didn't provide a warning that it's earnings would disappoint bodes very well for the quarter. Baker was cautious about this quarter's results, so expectations are low. The stock is primed to explode if earnings are even a bit better than expected. No preannouncement means no risk.

    I can't wait until the results are published!

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    • Now I see theoz beat me to it.

    • No problem. Many heads are better than one and nobody can rememver 100% of the story. If we can work together everyone will benefit.

      Check this out:

      NVE Wins Second Tibbetts Award

      NVE Corporation announced that it received a 2007 Tibbetts Award today in a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

      Tibbetts Awards are prestigious national awards made annually to those small firms, projects, organizations and individuals judged to exemplify the very best in Small Business Innovation Research achievement.

      NVE also won the award in 1997.

      Information on this and other NVE awards and accolades can be found on NVE's Website

    • I should of worded it more carefully. I stand corrected.

    • And I appreciate your attempt at an honest exchange. You are one of a handful of people here (such as theoz, rpath and ppr24hrs) that make a serious effort to analyze the facts.


    • Thanks for the response. The issue, however, was about a warning, or negative pre-announcement, as the title of this thread states. So your statement remains unproven, if not outrightly false.

      By the way, in the last CC management DID provide some cautionary statements regarding this and next quarters, in their reference to "inventory adjustments" by some customers, as you know.

    • Darn it, wrong quarter, but almost the same wording in the next quarter. Now the point is they said in their own earning announcement, twice in a row, that there would be a decline in sales to St. Jude. Did they say anything like that, or better, write it in the earnings report?

      We are pleased with our results for the second quarter," said Daniel A. Baker, Ph.D., NVE president and chief executive officer. "Strong product sales in our core industrial markets more than offset an anticipated decline in product sales to St. Jude Medical, and we maintained solid profitability."

    • BTW---when you're sitting on a double from where it's at now-------that means sell. Hold it longer and you will loose it all.

    • Talk about being early! You're wait will soon pay off my friend. In a very big way.

    • I'm going on memory again, but what I remember hearing was Dr. Baker saying "The next couple or two quarters there will be inventory ajustments"""

      My interpretation is that they could overstock this quarter and not order as much in the next one. That has been the pattern for the last few years. Maybe that's wishful thinking on my part.

    • "Pacemaker and icds have recovered, and it stands to reason that their won't be a drop off in sales."

      Except of course that they may have already overstocked the shelves with NVE parts in the previous quarters. That's the way I understood the possible slowdown.

      Not that I'm wishing for that.

      Go NVE!


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