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  • uncle.bigs uncle.bigs Oct 25, 2013 6:47 PM Flag

    Dumping Tailings in Pristine High Mountain Lake LOL

    Good luck with that plan. Canadians will blow a gasket over this. Name 1 other mine whose tailings are getting dumped in a lake. Not going to happen. Mark my words. LOL

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    • Anyone thinking of investing in this company should do 1/2 hr of due diligence and read the Rescan environmental report. It's 30 pages-15 pages of actual material. Simple to read: reach your own conclusions.

    • Call canandian EPA / DNR. Call Robert Redford.
      If the lake is already dead then no response will occur
      but it needs be proven to be void of anything, not someones opinion or word.
      Call closest bait shop/tackle shop.

    • The previous exploration outfit that used to own the property prior to PVG was allowed as part of their advanced exploration permitting to use Brucejack Lake as a tailing storage facility. The lake was devoid of life anyway, and the water was not potable due to excessive mineralization. PVG plans to dump unprocessed waste rock only into the lake, not tailings. The tailings will be pumped back into mine out drifts. So it won't be the big headache you believe. You should do your homework because when you post stuff like this, you sound like a idiot savant whining about his dirty diaper. Got it, Skippy?

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      • Ultraific and Jamesball,

        I have checked company website and it says regarding tailings: “Up to 50% of the tailings from the Brucejack mine (estimated at approximately 6 million cubic meters, subject to the feasibility study) are to be deposited in the bottom third of Brucejack Lake, with the remaining 50% to be used for paste backfill and deposited back underground. Studies are underway to maximize the amount of tailings to be placed underground.”

        In my opinion, they should try to find a way maximizing backfill percentage to 100. It would be very important for permitting process. You know, these “glacial” things used to be another hot environmental cry these days.

        Also, it seems that past permit was granted in 1990s. Environmental law changed since then. The same goes to relations with natives. It would not surprise me if some tribe living couple hundred miles out would suddenly discover that their “sacred spirits” always populated Gumahumatume Lake, blatantly renamed Brucejack by palefaces.

        I would expect company to change tailing plans and spend more money to build artificial tailing facilities. By the way, I see that water from Brucejack Lake goes to U.S. side of the border and, most likely, the river below the waterfalls has salmon. Welcome to EPA and U.S. based environut responses.

        It is not the most popular step on this board to raise environmental concerns about any projects and, personally, I support mining. However, one should see things in realistic light when it comes to money (investment). It must be noted that environmental problem exists in Brucejack and it is a material factor for evaluation of this investment case.

    • I didn't read technical report (it is too big, sorry), but I saw in project overview that tailings will be processed (pasted) and pumped back to mined-out stopes. Is it not correct?

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      • From the Rescan report:
        Waste streams from the Project (i.e., waste rock, tailings, air emissions, domestic/industrial waste) will require active management. Approximately 5 Mt of waste rock will be produced throughout the mine life. More than half of this waste rock will be re-deposited in the underground mine, and an estimated 2 Mt will be sub-aqueously stored in the southwest corner of Brucejack Lake. Causeways will be constructed with non-acid generating waste rock so that trucks can dump waste rock at greater depths and to ensure that sufficient water cover ( 1 m) is maintained over the waste rock. This method was previously used to dispose of waste rock into Brucejack Lake in 1999 following advanced underground exploration activities for the Sulphurets Project completed by Newhawk Gold Mines.
        Approximately 8 Mt of the flotation tailings will be paste backfilled to the underground workings, while an estimated 8 Mt of the flotation tailings will be deposited in Brucejack Lake. The tailings discharge pipeline will extend along the bottom of Brucejack Lake to a sand filter located near the maximum depth of the lake (100 m), where the tailings are proposed to be deposited. The total volume of tailings and waste rock will be stored within the bottom 30 m of Brucejack Lake.

      • jamesball917 Oct 25, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

        I believe the number is about 70% being returned underground with 30% being placed at the bottom of Brucejack Lake. This lake is dead-no fish- and 20 Kilometers from the nearest fish. There was a previous permit held by the Newhawk group that had a permitted mine and mill (based on the West Zone) which proposed using the lake for tailings deposition. The Feasibility study indicates that there is no acid generation likely and that there would be little change in the lake even after 22 years of mining. It is also interesting to note that until recently (70 years or so) the glaciers basically covered this area and there was no ocupation or use by anyone.

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