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  • ally3647 ally3647 May 22, 2007 7:26 PM Flag


    nearly traded hands today. is this a good sign on a bad one? we'll see. the price didnt pick up when most of these shares changed hands. either someone with big money was getting out, or they were getting in because they received a signal that something good is about to appear.

    do not be tricked into thinking that the saudi deal will go through just because some other minor good news pops up along the way.

    we will see what those 400K+ shares were doing by tommorrow's time, either accumulating or distributing.

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    • Ask-hitters have clearly been exhausted. The absense of new risk disclosure language in the 8/KA indicates to me that the $7.5 million is still a done deal.

      The "smart" money in this stock is not playing for $3, they are playing for $30. Dollar fluctuations are not a big deal to them.

      The only question is if the big seller knows something about SOMETHING ELSE (not the $7.5 mm) that we don't.

      I would not be shocked if the Saudis were trying to buy the company outright at, say, $4 per share, and basically saying the company won't get the business until they sell.

      I would also bet the Saudis are threatening in subtle terms to simply steal the intellectual property.

      In sum, I think this company gets taken out at a significant premium to the current share price, but nowhere near what the big holders are looking for.

      I would own it here, no problem, but certainly the minute by minute trading has been a little troubling.