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  • pcsvtrain pcsvtrain Jul 19, 2007 11:52 AM Flag

    I will wait b/c I believe in PCSV and the CEO

    They have been more than forthright about the whole ME business. Has anyone ever dealt with the ME folks on this board, he11 NO. It is just a matter of time guys/girls. And I don't want to hear all the BS from the DAs on this board. Why would they make this sh1t up? Why? You can't come up with one decent answer, not one. They have filed everything in a timely manor, I would say they have good SEC counsel. I look forward to the day it goes up a couple of bucks.

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    • I agree. Good points!

    • Train
      are you really a functional person or that hard headed
      yes they have been forthright, but also (based on my belief)
      - forthright about rumors
      - hyping the stock thru brokers
      - selling their stock on run up
      - announcing potential contracts that did not materialize
      - retracting statements / announcements

    • 1. I have dealt with the folks from the ME. Not always the most forthright people you will meet. Very different doing business there. Many people represent themselves as having connections or able to do things they really cannot. Happens ALL THE TIME.
      2. Why would you have faith in a CEO who has NEVER delivered a profit or growth in a market which has grown unbelievably over the past 10 years? He has done little to nothing to earn your faith and trust. I understand that you probably know the guy ,but looking at this from an outsiders' perspective there is really not many positive things you can say.