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  • detroitdominates detroitdominates Jul 19, 2007 1:27 PM Flag

    Enough is enough...

    I don't know what relationship PCSVTrain (or any of the other longs for that matter) has with this company, or his relationship with management, but I believe what he's trying to say is that he feels that management has very high integrity and wouldn't make any of this stuff up. I feel the same way.

    I think everyone got a little excited over what amounts to a huge payday for PCSV, and when things didn't happen in the expected time frame, people got pissed and looked to impute any of their loses directly on the company (some warranted, some not.)

    The deal is still on, but no one in the company is going to say anything until things are finalized. No one has been lied to, and no one is going to jail for misleading shareholders. If there is any guilt of deception it�s come from some of the posters on this board. I�m not just talking about the bashers, but also to those who are long in this stock and continue to posting the same rah-rah dribble; you've lost all credibility and are making yourselves look foolish.

    If you believe and have chosen to stick it out, best of luck, let�s just all be civil.

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    • LOL
      no deception except from Saudis and PCSV mgmt for falling for it
      If their product was good enough, even the rag heads would jump all over it..
      regardless of how they do business in Saudi..they are not guess is they are more than likely holding out for another product using PCSV as a sucker