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  • boiler_95 boiler_95 Aug 29, 2007 1:02 PM Flag

    It will be raining ME dollars soon


    I respect your opinion and you have consistently been one of the few pessimists on this board that is logical, so please explain to me why pcsv is expanding its company and hiring more employees? I too am growing impatient, but I still have a lot of hope because of this knowledge.

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    • boiler,

      ok, let's say you're right. Pcs is hiring extra personnel supposedly. So now, the question becomes, "why do they need extra salepeople to convince the Saudis of something they've been working on for years?"

      That Tis the Question

    • thank you for the kudos dude, but they're not, and i never said they were. hiring more people? nope. If youre running a scam, why would you cut new people in on it?

      If I had just walked in here with no prior knowledge of PCS, I might have thouht that the 125,ooo stock spike yesterday might've meant that someone has some good news that is about to break, something connected to the new school year maybe. But who can believe anything from these people?

      In the worst case scenario, that 125K purchase at 60 cents is a move by a PCS principal to pump the stock up over where they bought it and then keep it higher to protect their "holdings".

      You guys might have an artificial cussion at around 60 Cents.