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  • danl08 danl08 Oct 23, 2007 1:28 PM Flag

    Don't even think about selling this puppy

    of course you do, but what, if any of it, is reality? The answer is none. Lets take the fairy tale one step at a time

    "1. 7m hits the cash account at pcsv U.S.
    2. Large contract is awarded to PCSV ME"

    hasn't happened yet, may never happen

    "3. Lets say 100m? 200m? 300m? 400m? 500m? 600m? 700m? 800m?+++"

    Why not just say $5B, what the hell? Where do any of these numbers come from? Is there any basis in reality for these? What did PCS themselves budget for sales next year? Nothing even close to these.

    "4. Profit margins are 50%-70% and a large % going to PCSV ME (15-30%)"

    Hmmmm, thats interesting isn't it? The margins are maybe 50% and more than half of that goes to Rafai. Doesn't sound like a very profitable venture when you look at it like that. We are now talking about margins back to PCS of less than 20%. This is not exactly a company which has been good at managing their expenses and working well on tight margins.

    "5. EPS of .50;.75;1.00;1.25;1.50;2.00++++"

    This has already been proven to be complete and total fiction. If you believe any of this is possible then Santa has a bridge he wants to sell to you with his partner the Easter Bunny. This company cannot get to any of those numbers, its just not possible.