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  • ally3647 ally3647 Nov 29, 2007 4:45 PM Flag

    If PCSV didnt participate in the Rally...

    ...Its because it is already overvalued. But no fear, the plunge protection team (ie;mason/train/alcan) will pump it higher again created yet another selling opportunity.


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    • I leave for a few weeks and the board goes back to hell.

      Dan...way to take the high road. The stock has again sen a slight spike in volume. Soemthing to keep an eye on. As I said a last week, I took my profits and hit the road. Kept 100 shares just to keep up with the message board and my new friend. Dan: Perhaps we can one day we can grab a beer. I say $3 a share, your call on the low end. Loser buys!!! (If my 100 shares are worth $300, I might have anought to pay the commissions LOL)

      It shouldnt be life and death when playing the penny stocks folks.

    • haven't bought any....not bitter.
      What you need to ask yourself is "why is this going up this week?" If the answer is not something like, "because a big deal is coming in." or "the company announced a big sale." then you are simply rolling dice. If you are comfortable with that great.
      Good luck. There are plenty of people who made money on this, I just think its a complete crap shoot and the people running this company have not proven they can earn even a penny.

    • as you have seen rookie
      market movement has nothing to do with BB stocks
      hope you don't wake up one day to a $2 or $3 gain by 10am