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  • pcsvtrain pcsvtrain Dec 20, 2007 12:54 PM Flag

    I hope everybody understands what's going on

    The contract is DONE

    See you at $10.00

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    • open your minds and take a look at PCLI.ob the movie biz is changing you will be able to go to Walmarts and get any movie you want. Walmarts or who ever will be able to burn the move print up the jacket for you on the spot no more out of stocks. The movie studios want this The stores will love this just. Just think your walmart manager can offer you every movie ever made and not cost him one cent in inventory! no SHOPLIFTING, right now there is only one public company and that is PCLI.ob Protocall tech. is already using them there are a few private companies out there like Polarfrog and there will be more but for now Protocall is the only game in town or you can play Sonic soulutions they provide the software for the Kisok. PCLI is trending up its up from.01 to .12 IT WILL MOVE HIGHER there is no yahoo message boards as far as I know no stock promoters pusing it yet. As for downloading at home you can do that but its just not caught on yet and you can not burn download movies to dvds you can only make back up copies you can only play them to 3 computers so as you go through computers you will lose your movies.The First research on burn on demand came out the estimate that the burn on demand will be worth about 6 billion in a few years I belive Pcli if they can pull it off can get there fair share of that market. Just think If Pcli can just get 5% of that market what is that 500 million just think what that little .12 stock can go to. Warning Pcli is a risky stock not guts not glory! one other note the gaming companies will go this route too. good luck

    • I'll wait till 15

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      • I bought this stock a while back (30 cents)and have ridden the ups and downs hoping for what has been eluded to continuously on this board. Obviously something has happened in the last couple of days to give the rumor of a contract some real validity. I have not seen any press releases or announcements, but yet the stock is steadily climbing probably once again due to insider leaks. However, I'm not complaining. Has anyone seen anything to give the rumor of a contract credibility, or is the market still speculating? Obviously some are aware of something.