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  • mason82300 mason82300 Jan 14, 2009 10:02 PM Flag

    Arab News

    I hate to always sound off pessimistic but,
    - same ole verbal judo, round and round ways of saying the same thing 5 different way
    - never a mention of a company. SA press release is like a broken record
    - they simply talk a good line of BS to their rag head citizens mentioning big numbers yet spend nothing
    - If they trained 40k teachers, then I am a monkey's uncle. Any one that believes they have learned the use of a computer thoroughly over there is nuts.
    - All students have laptops..give me a break...lets see...a 1st and second grader has a laptop running pcsvpos software...come the "F" on...I don't believe it.. they probably think its an etcha sketch
    - Traing students using lessons on a USB drive and email is so basic its a wonder they will learn anything. I got news for you...the book, paper, pencil and pen are goners.
    - If they are so advanced, why would they want a puny little POS company like pcsvpos.
    - if the potential and contracts are out there, why is no one investing in pcsvpos
    - the so called news is out and yet it stays a lingering turd
    - the CEO can't even provide a indepth update and his insiders sell and set poor examples regardless of their excuses-
    - I hate the way this whole story has played out and the ppl that believed and got sucked in
    - Until the company can speak and act like a company and have support from its customers it will never gain credibility or momentum..
    SHOW ME some real CASH REVENUE, verifiable projections and CEO credibility and I will eat your hat!
    RS must be a child

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    • The company's PR last month stated that PCS had received orders for the first 50 schools. This article states that the ministry has selected 50 secondary schools to impliment the program. It also says that the program is in it's infancy. Sounds like just the beginning...I'm in.

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      • There are no doubt convenient coincidences. But that's what has always pissed so many of us off over the years. Without companies being named by KSA, or PCSVPOS putting out announcements that have some substance the cloud of uncertainty and lack of credibility will persist. Combined those amount to little/no buying support and a stagnant stock price that can move substantially (percentage wise) with a 500 share order with gigantic bid/ask spreads since the MMs are disinterested.