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  • pvt_equity_raider pvt_equity_raider Jan 14, 2009 9:21 PM Flag

    Arab News§ion=0&article=118134&d=14&m=1&y=2009

    Dramatic changes expected in education system, says official
    P.K. Abdul Ghafour | Arab News

    JEDDAH: The King Abdullah Project for General Education Development (Tatwir) will bring about dramatic changes in the Kingdom’s education system, said Naif Al-Roumi, deputy education minister for planning and development and director general of the project.

    “We have started implementing some programs under the project on an experimental basis,” Al-Roumi told Al-Riyadh Arabic daily. “Our plan is to develop the Kingdom’s education system making use of the successful experiments in other countries, such as the United States, South Korea, Singapore and Finland,” he said.

    The government has allocated SR9 billion for the project, which is named after Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah who wants to introduce drastic reforms in the country’s education system, matching with advanced countries. The current national budget has set aside SR120 billion for education and training.

    Al-Roumi emphasized the importance of providing intensive training to teachers to help them cope with new educational developments. More than 400,000 teachers will be trained in school management, educational supervision, computer science and self-development skills. “We have introduced the new science and technology program in 110 schools. Next year it will be applied in all schools,” he said.

    The project covers development of mathematics and science studies; development of the general curriculum, development of secondary education system and construction of new school buildings. “The government has allocated SR10 billion from previous budget surpluses for building schools,” he said, adding that within the next three years all rented buildings would be replaced.

    Al-Roumi said the King Abdullah project was aimed at developing education at all levels, from kindergarten to the secondary level. “We make use of international expertise, including Arab expertise, at different phases of the project. The training programs for teachers are conducted by national and international institutions.”

    The new programs devised under the project aim at development of students. “We don’t care anymore about programs that do not address the development needs of students,” Al-Roumi said. “We have to teach students the learning skills so that they can excel in education using modern technological facilities.”

    He said Saudi education officials visited advanced countries to learn from their educational experiments. “We have set certain criteria for educational development and we adopted the experiments of other countries in the light of these criteria.”

    The ministry selected 50 secondary schools — 25 each for boys and girls — in different parts of the Kingdom to implement the project. “The schools were selected based on certain criteria including the leader (director) of the school and its infrastructure. In every classroom in these schools there is an electronic board, a projector and a computer system and these schools have Internet connections,” he pointed out.

    “We have created an educational gateway for the benefit of students and teachers. Every student has been provided with a laptop computer. The teacher brings his notes in USBs and displaying them on the electronic screen. Students need not take notes, as the teacher will provide them a copy of his notes at the end of his lecture. Students can complete their homework and send it to the teacher’s e-mail.”

    Education officials visit these schools to know whether they face any problems in implementing the new programs.

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    • by the way boys
      the degree they will earn in SA is a BS in BS

    • same ole same ole. Again, I want to ask. Has anyone ever visited this so called company. Has anyone ever met T or Grover.
      The SA articles will not even mention one company that they have working for them...why...its a smoke screen of #$%$
      Its so important for the education that everything is a huge secret..LOL
      T couldn't mention how many trainers he sent or any details. This secret is so funny

      trading has just about ceased completely on pcsv-pos
      a few fools buying 500 shares and trading out for a penny gain..LOL
      I am quite surprised that this POS has not been shut down

    • I hate to always sound off pessimistic but,
      - same ole verbal judo, round and round ways of saying the same thing 5 different way
      - never a mention of a company. SA press release is like a broken record
      - they simply talk a good line of BS to their rag head citizens mentioning big numbers yet spend nothing
      - If they trained 40k teachers, then I am a monkey's uncle. Any one that believes they have learned the use of a computer thoroughly over there is nuts.
      - All students have laptops..give me a break...lets see...a 1st and second grader has a laptop running pcsvpos software...come the "F" on...I don't believe it.. they probably think its an etcha sketch
      - Traing students using lessons on a USB drive and email is so basic its a wonder they will learn anything. I got news for you...the book, paper, pencil and pen are goners.
      - If they are so advanced, why would they want a puny little POS company like pcsvpos.
      - if the potential and contracts are out there, why is no one investing in pcsvpos
      - the so called news is out and yet it stays a lingering turd
      - the CEO can't even provide a indepth update and his insiders sell and set poor examples regardless of their excuses-
      - I hate the way this whole story has played out and the ppl that believed and got sucked in
      - Until the company can speak and act like a company and have support from its customers it will never gain credibility or momentum..
      SHOW ME some real CASH REVENUE, verifiable projections and CEO credibility and I will eat your hat!
      RS must be a child

    • They still ain't naming names or specifics, but at least it seems KSA is still spending a lot of $ on this education revamp project. I'm surprised given the utter collapse of oil and the downward spiraling world economy. Today's retail sales news was just awful.

      Whether PCSVPOS will see its ship finally set sail, get left behind and have to paddle along in a dingy or miss the boat entirely should be clear with the next announcement. IMO if the company remains vague, then it's one of the latter two outcomes.