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  • mad_money_cramer mad_money_cramer Mar 2, 2008 10:44 PM Flag

    Hey TikiGal from IHUB ...

    You are truly a dumb POS.

    Come on and play on Yahoo! I know you read these posts!

    Of course you won't be able to hide behind IHUB's stupid and corrupted TOU.

    Let's see what you're made of! You are the dumbest of the trolls on IHUB! You never cease to embarrass yourself!

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    • A nameless faceless poster complaining about another nameless faceless poster using their screenname on a totally different messageboard. This truly takes the cake on absurdity.

    • do you know, lakers1717 from IHUB? That little POSmex owns this chit stock and several others and is losing his ass off on all of them. He also goes on ragingbull PFSD talkboard because he invested 30k into that scam, also. HAHAHAHAHAHA

    • lol! It really kills you inside that I grew in membermarks alot faster than you.. You know what Four I really did start IHUB for the first time ever that day and I earned those people marks..

      People from IHUB have met me in person and some have spoke with me on the phone, so there are plenty of people to back up who I am.. I am who I say I am!

      Four I am willing at anytime to prove who I am, are you???????????

      Yup I am exactly who I claim to be a 38 yr old soon to be 39 next week mother of 2 girls who started IHUB last January for the very first time ever.. I have never worked for anyone else, but myself on stocks.. Never been paid to bash, promo, nada.. I trade with my own money.. Took a loss my first 9 months learning the Penny ropes and wow was I shocked with all the scams involved in them.. I have since pulled away from Penny stocks and now only trade the big board, because I like to earn my money the old fashioned hard way and will not earn money by lieing and cheating people out of theirs.. Take notice how I do not pump any stocks on IHUB and honestly you will rarely know what I am even playing.. Now my question is why if you know AERP is a speculative, high risk and knowing that people are naive, why must I ask do you post 24/7 pumping AERP knowing that it may never create shareholder value and may leave many bagholders behind? You know people follow what you say for as sad as it is many people are followers in this world and they will believe your bs that you were in FRPT. They will follow you just from these words.. Now tell me Four if AERP does completely tank, will you be able to sleep at night knowing that you tried to prevent people from hearing both sides of the coin by trying to slander my name just for seeing things differently than you? So far my predictions on AERP have been right on, yours have been totally wrong..

      You are the one that has agenda written all over you and I am a firm believer that what comes around, goes around and it you are who I think you are, your day will come I am sure of it..........

    • Four I will tell you one last time.. I am only one person and I do not have multiple aliases.. I was never paid to bash a stock nor promote it... If you continue to slander my name all over the internet on various message boards, I am filing charges against you. I have already looked into this and Yes slander/defamation of character is illegal on the Internet..

      I am at the point that if I see one more slanderous post in regards to myself written by you, I do plan on taking action...

      All this childish ridiculous crap over a freakin stock.. What's your problem Four? I thought you were long 3 to 5 years? Why the heck do you watch this stock daily and defend it the way you do?

      It will either make it or break it and not you nor I will be the cause of it! Well at least I know I won't be.. I don't own a share of this and haven't in a few months nor do I plan on owning any shares in the future.. I don't like penny stocks after what I learned my first year at the HUB, they are crap and the people that pump them most of the time are scum of the earth.. Really sad...

      Now you wanna talk stocks, lets talk about your wonderful entry points on UMNG, MCCY and when you first started adding shares of AERP? You are so far down, I can see your frustration and how you want this to work out, but smell the coffee Four.. The share structure is undesirable even for most penny traders, so where do you think you will get enough volume on this inorder for it to move up? I know if I were still trading penny stocks AERP would be on my No Thank You list now with that huge share structure that I see still growing daily... Now you tell me how this is going to make it to a higher exchange with that share structure and especially with only showing 19k in the bank? Get real Four..

      Now I am done posting here for now, but I mean what I say.. Stop slandering my name all over the Internet!!!!!!!

    • This is really getting ridiculous.. Some sick people following AERP I must say.. Stealing my IHUB alias(TikiGal) and using it over here to try to slander my name right there is a reason for charges to being filed, so whoever is using my TikiGal alias here I would suggest discontinuing use of it.. I am ready to take action...

      I am not a paid basher and honestly don't even believe there is such a thing in Penny World, but I do have proof of paid promoters and feel it is really a sick, pathetic way to earn a living.. I see the SEC has started to finally open their eyes and I only hope the group behind the Javelin Plays are next on their list..

      Again whoever is using/slandering my IHUB name TikiGal, I am watching, taking notes and if it continues I will take action.. Don't worry for the Internet has some wonderful hidden tools and your true identity can be located very easily.. You just never exactly know who you are messing with on the Internet and how far they are willing to take action.. So don't play me a fool and if it is hardball you want, it is hardball you will get!!!!

    • Speaking of crappy dd - I am not TIKI.

      I think it would be interesting for YOU to go back and review those posts and see how dead wrong you were about this stock.

      January 2009! Good grief by then they will probably r/m into a couple more peacock/beyer shells and start all over again.

      Did it ever occur to you for even a second you are totally wrong about this conspiacy theory of yours??? Or does really accepting you made a poor investment decision to hard to live with? Actually I should say INVESTMENTS - there ae a few others that you have taken a reaming on.

      Crap look at the time - didn't I say I was leaving??? BYE

    • you'll learn it's not worth your time

      last jan - feb ..
      give or take .. i tangled with
      cindy <annie> tiki .. and god knows
      who else .. on rb .. again this was
      before i'd fully come to appreciate
      the *layers* that *exist* on ihub

      i just picked up on the patterns of
      the writing styles .. and it struck
      me as odd .. that they would flit
      back and forth .. that is why - imo
      derb and triple f are also loosely
      connected .. to say nothing of the
      morons from that other company ..

      that said - i find it beyond ironic
      that their focus is on a company
      that by it's nature is high risk

      but compared to many other companies
      out there in penny land .. it's
      not that *high risk*..they are fully
      compliant .. we know the share structure
      and some of us are familiar with folks
      who have done .. pp .. as those *original* 65 percenters into aero did when it was *private* .. again it's a
      longer time frame they have -- then those with the attention span of a gnat

      i feel sorry for folks who think every
      company the comes public via a r/m
      is a scam .. but that is their choice

      what is real important is that folks
      *educate* themselves on the process
      and the time frame ... involved of
      a company coming public that way and
      then uplisting -- it doesn't happen
      in a month ---

      i will be very interested to see
      where aero stands in jan of 2009

      <and i'm not just talking the pps>

      can't wait to see what *promotion*
      is kicked off eom .. i believe
      there is some tie in with henschel
      and the racing season

      i'm also interested in the other/s
      east coast distributor -- we will
      get projections <imo> once they have
      been pr'd ..

      and lastly the line of credit ..
      when that is *articulated* i suspect
      we'll have some answers on those shares
      *noted* in the 10qsb

      ok .. gl holding down the fort ..

      you'll find yahoo has this great
      feature .. unlimited ignores --
      for when the droning and stupidity
      becomes unrelenting --

      i've already used it twice today

      all jmo

    • Cindy.. I wasn't the one who claimed to be all-knowing about AERP and then made myself look the fool by making inane suggestions as to material contracts that were easily proven to be false and misleading.. see what i'm getting at? Just own up to the poor dd..

      The rationale that because PPS is deflated right now you were right about everything you've ever posted our suggested is just ludicrous. If you stated something that is false and misleading regardless of where the stock is trading at right now, I would expect for you to admit you're wrong. And since you continue to push forward with your suggestions, and refuse to provide support for them what other choice do I have but to call a spade a spade?? You were and have been misleading in your posts.. if you'd like to prove otherwise I am right here.

    • And like I said - Look at your account balance for AERP - How stupid does that make you??

    • You wiffed your alias. Too bad you didn't listen to my "faulty" DD before you LOADED THE BOAT.

      Yup, I am a LOSER with faulty DD that didn't load the boat. Being a LOSER isn't always a bad thing - is it? Just proved that point.

      I'm leaving now - so if you need to get off saying you won this "contest" - go for it.
      That's another favorite tactic of a "LOOSER".

      Better pull out some of your EXCELLENT DD on this thing and get it moving - good luck with that - and don't forget to SPANK THE ASK, Paint the tape at the end of the day, and whatever else you bagholders have in those bags of yours.

      OKAY Folks - the entertainment is about over - move along now, move along, nothing to see here - I'm leaving - for now.

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