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  • crayzcanadian4u crayzcanadian4u Mar 7, 2008 7:06 PM Flag

    Is this the guy that is suppose to be me???

    You said..

    "I have spoken to the IR of that company one time"

    Hmm.. so in one conversation they disclosed to you that they had sent out cease and decist orders? Wow. That is even more disturbing.

    Will be nice to have that confirmed in the court of law. I look forward to it. I will truly enjoy seeing you and the rest of your group squirm on the witness stand.. I wasn't the one who called this party but I'm sure as hell going to end it.

    I won't be bullied.. And I absolutely will not back down. You'll be seeing much more of me on the boards over the next few weeks. Again, thanks for reminding me that I have been neglectful in my duties.