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  • crayzcanadian4u crayzcanadian4u Oct 15, 2008 5:27 PM Flag

    Earnest.. you are wrong..

    Here's you post..

    In it you stated the following..

    "A review is mostly an analytical review of financials and discussions with management without actually verifying any transactions or balances"

    This is completely false and misleading.. There is no question that an audit is more comprehensive and involves more detailed testing.. but during a "review" auditors absolutely can and do test and verify transactions and balances. This is NOT my opinion this is FACT. Auditors request copies of journal detail, wire transfer confirmation, invoices, revenue contracts, lease agreements on a very regular basis during the 10Q review processes that I have been a part of over the last several years. For you to suggest that a review is handled otherwise is quite simply ignorant at the very least but much more likely a blatant attempt to mislead.

    Or perhaps that's how you remember it when you worked with Rupert Murdoch, right Ed? LOL Yeah, I remember your PM's in the background last year.. pleeeease give it a rest. The day you were even in the same room as Mr. Murdoch is the day he!! will freeze over.. Anyway, you have just enough accounting knowledge to be dangerous.. dangerously deceptive.. but you will not fool a seasoned vet such as myself. Will see you soon over on the hub.