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  • spin_or spin_or Aug 19, 1999 2:51 PM Flag careful with the advice...

    no offense intended, but...
    on the Thompson
    I-Watch chart....

    the pie chart just indicates the
    relative percentages of institutional and retail message
    activity for the day.... at least in this case the stock
    was well covered by I-Watch (incomplete pie means
    early in the day or some amount of activitiy not
    reported through I-Watch)...

    the total message
    activity is heavy on the institutional side today;
    however, you will also notice the big super-sell
    indicators.... that implies big selling interest, not buying

    note also however, that non of this indicates what
    happened in terms of transactions... you have to look at
    how the price and volume chart lines up with these
    interest indicators... the bar indictors don't show price
    points, but the super interest point triangles do... if a
    super-sell price point is out of line it won't occur, just
    like a limit order....

    then, espcially for
    larger interest, also remember to account for the lag
    time required for market-makers to react.... that's
    why you will often see big super indicators followed
    later by a large volume spike as the MM's accumulated
    shares to make it happen (they can also fill by breaking
    it up, but with a fixed price it often comes through
    in larger blocks)....

    IMO - online brokers
    are under pressure lately due to recent earnings
    downgrades (both EGRP and AMTD in the last week) and all
    financial stocks are likely to come under further pressure
    in the next couple months......

    that margin
    leverage is anti-leverage in a
    downturn.....!! margin, no fear (well, less fear)

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