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  • speeder430 speeder430 Jul 17, 2013 11:24 AM Flag

    We need a catalyst

    I would like MM to do something like tesla and have the CEO say st that will reassure investors bc this stock looks dead the last 2 days. Would hate to see it dip below 9 before earnings

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    • You need to chill, speed. Stock is acting like a champ ... just some quiet days, some back fill, after the impressive break of the 9 resistance. 200K shares trade today so = meaningless. Market has had its thumb up its #$%$. Summer is typically slow for the markets. Personally, I think we will do something TSLA-like, but there is NO reason for PP to say anything at this point. If it dips below 9, it should do so on minor vol and be back above 9 in no time.

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      • you know what they say about stocks, they take the stairs up & the elevator down... I agree with you stock is acting normally and we are slowly rising. I have my new purchase orders in at 9 and if it dips more I will be buying. This stock needs to maintain growth and if they can surprise on upside confidence and share price will rise. The stock is a diamond in ruff comparison and those able to identify this will benefit. I said the same thing when Bac was selling at 6 nobody and Cramer was against it. You have to do your own due diligence and place your buys. When MM recovers and Cramer comes back full force the share price will be high.

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