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  • urhonor1 urhonor1 Nov 14, 2013 8:23 AM Flag

    Based on 100 mil 4th qtr and 400-600 mil 2014 outlook, this is a 12 dollar stock now, on sale under 7

    Load Up.This cannot be denied....A company making that kind of revenue and 125 mil in cash, no debt? Come on, this is on sale

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    • 2013 Combined Revenues are expected to be $327M to $332M... they did not provide 2014 guidance ( although they certainly could have to bolster the stock PPS but choose not to, what does that tell you ? ). Even if you assume they can repeat the combined growth in 2013 , which may be difficult given the increased competition from 1st party platforms and the FACT that MM on its' own is now growing less than 20% yr / yr you might get combined revenues approaching $420M. That is using their own Q'4 2013 guidance of combined entity growth of 30% YOY. Nothing to sneeze at but a far cry from $600M. Fuel by comparison will deliver top line revenue of about $232M in 2013 but is growing north of 120% YOY in the most recent qtr. The street is betting FUEL is the more likely growth winner right now based simply on current results and management. Wouldn't touch either right now, although MM is getting closer to being fairly valued for the potential "turn-around" play. IMHO

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      • Ridiculous take....MM guided 100 mil 4th qtr, that would be roughly 400mil for 2014 with no further growth but we know they are expanding exponentially!!! They mentioned how international growth grew to 20% from 8% in 2012...China will be on board in 2014, they will realize approx 25 mil in savings by the combination, etc.....FUEL is on fumes, no cash and if they miss one qtr it will be over for them, if the street valued MM the same way as FUEL, MM would be trading at 80, instead its at 6.50.DIRT CHEAP, its a 12.00 stock easily right now but for PP

      • who cares about what mm did seperatley or not, MM and JT now one entity, and as such they seem to be still growing 40%, which is the industry average, they are the cheapest in the sector due to idiotic management, which must be replaced ASAP, i bet it will be sooner then later