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  • mikebush8888 mikebush8888 Dec 4, 2007 7:52 PM Flag

    Some Facts about SOLF

    Their revenue estimate was raised from 250-270 million to 280-300 million, it is about 30 million increase for the WHOLE year of 2007; however,the price went up from around $11 to $26 based on the third quarter revenue increase and the Good Energies acquired addition stakes to 34%. People, ask you sell if this really make sense mathematically(probability) and financially. How could 30 million increase in revenue to cause around more than 100% up in stock price. Secondly, the price is the most suspicious part, how mucy did Good Energies pay for their additional stakes. Why did the CEO want to sell his 50% shares at a great discount price around $15. I truelly believe the price woudl be adjusted soon.

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    • Reading comprehension. The purchase agreement closes in the first quarter of 2008. And where did you get $15 per share where the CEO sold the stock. The deal was announced today, not last week. Secondly, after the sale (won't know what price the CEO sold shares since the deal won't be completed until the first quarter of 2008, they don't need to file until the shares are sold), he still owns 16.1% of the shares. Have you ever heard about diversification of your portfolio? That's why every CEO sells shares, to diversify his portfolio. Also, since Good Energy already owns 6.3% of the shares and is aquiring another 16.1% from the CEO, they still need to purchase an additional 12.4% of the shares outstanding.

    • and those of you who "sold", since you're still here, must be worried that it will continue to rise or more than likely bought your shares short. Talk about gambling!!!

    • The retail idiots will buy this in a clueless and gambling manner...... It will top soon enough.....I've read more pathetic and wrong things this evening....... Most of the bag holders are currently in.......

    • This stock price is costed by the huge volume of demands, but fundamentally, I agree their revenue increase wouldn't be able to increase the stock price that much. I should see the price news of Good Energies pay for their stakes soon. I wouldn't stay long in this case. I took my profit today, and I dont' want to loss whatever I made. I mean, it is the real worlds, stocks dont' go up everyday, especially it is up more than 100% of the average stock price. This just doesn't make sense.