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  • lookoutgrady lookoutgrady Dec 18, 2007 8:49 PM Flag

    Favorable comments on Solar Sector on Fast Money

    Fast Money had CEO of Cypress, which owns SPWR, mentioned only constrained would be supply of silicon as demand is strong for years to come.
    All solar stocks will do well, especially those with secure silicon supply....

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    • He aslo said Sun Power is fully valued. It is valued at ten times of SOLF. SPWR has three times of sales, two times of the gross profit and almost the same net income. Oh, it has 20 cents of earning per share vs SOLF's 34 cents of earning per share. It is growing at -12% vs SOLF's 146% growth. Go figuer.

    • Yes, and being from the USA how exciting to get in on the ground floor of this fascinating sector filled with vast potential for years to come, while we are still a hardcore oil country run by a huge oilman. If you ever read the book, Blood, Money & Power, by author Barr McClellan who was a noted LBJ authority and personal attorney, you'll understand how McClellan contends LBJ's main attorney, Ed Clark used his power and influence to orchestrate that whole assassination of JFK in Dallas, from the building owned by an oilman, and used a former UT Austin student body president, Wallace, as the shooter along side the radical Oswald they set up to take the fall as the lone maniac, as Wallace snuck out and boxed Oswald in as soon as they fired their shots, and then had two more shooters from the grassy knoll who were dressed in official Secret Service uniforms (so of course no one spotted any crazed shooters even though they swore they heard shots). And now we have certainly gone beyond assassinating our own president, and possibly attacked another entire country to gain further access and power over our highly esteemed oil by those in power who have served the black crude for as long as they can remember. So of course, any 21 billion dollar tax bill on the oil industry would never pass under the current leadership, but how exciting to look forward and be able to see a day where we hop aboard a cleaner way, even in our precious country some fine days in the future, where we move up and beyond our dirtier days of oil. At any rate, cheers to countries and companies and individuals who are working very hard at cleaning up our world in tremendous ventures such as solar, including all of those in our own precious country doing the same.

      Good luck investing to all!