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  • reneew97 reneew97 May 29, 2008 9:27 AM Flag


    what do you think about todays action? >:)

    The thing is down 75 cents and the market is not even open yet. Must be margin calls today.

    You gonna catch the knife?

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    • This is awesome. I am having a intelligent conversation on a yahoo MB.

      Here's how I see it.
      Solar won't be common place until the government figures out how to tax it and XOM and GE make money from it. It's always the same thing with this new technology. Idealistic people dump lots of money into it. Then there is money to do R&D. Then after the R&D is done the company gets pounded down to fire sale prices. XOM or GE or IBM picks up the company for cheap and the stock is delisted. One out of 100 new tech companies actually make it through the BK stage. SOLF is not one of those companies IMO.

    • Just a ton of overreaction as usual, if I sold everytime a cataclysmic event happened on stocks I owned I would be pretty damn broke. But these are the times I usually load up on more, it's fine if you shorts manage to knock it down to 18, i'll just buy more there I really will. Eventually this thing will be $30+, it can't be beaten down forever.

    • Premarket is about as reliable as tarot cards to see where this stock is headed. Besides it was up like 50 cents last night in after hours, you just never know with this sucker. Nobody does, it's manipulated to hell just hope you're on the right side for the day.