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  • pitstopfranky pitstopfranky Jun 3, 2008 1:17 PM Flag

    think of it this way

    The number of messages here advising you to sell for no reason other than the writer's desire that it happens is indicative of the number of shorts presently underwater and feeling the heat. Some shorts covered in the run up into the 20's but many are still stuck, including some institutional one's, that's what's providing the limitless flow of useless dribble here. I suggest everyone starts making use of the ignore button for people that just write meaningless stuff. A vast load of crap will magically vanish and the persistant ones will be forced to constantly create new ID's.

    You will also notice that shorts never ignore longs because they count on them to stay informed of developments that could endanger their position whilst longs live in tranquility knowing shorts can only temporarily block progress.

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    • The paid shorts only post once and never respond again.

    • well said pitstop.. and I totally agree with the assertion about the shorts being stuck below 20 during the runup.. they expected SOLF to halt in the high teens and are scratching to get back there.

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      • There is always two sides to any argument and to dismiss the short position point of view without consideration would be foolish. The question that should be answered is why was there an over 30% short interest in April. That is huge for any stock. Yes it provides a nice catalyst for the stock to move forward if good news is presented but did the basis of the short position argument become invalid with the last earnings report. I don't think it did. SOLF has not demonstrated that they will be able to control costs moving forward but more importantly are they going to be able to sustain growth as increased competition enters the market. Such as the likes of GE, Dupont etc...

    • The last part of your post is the exact reason why I never put anyone on ignore.

      When I was young and stupid I would put people on ignore taht did mesh with my reality but the fact is everyone has something to say and if I get burned because I didn't listen to them well then I only have myself to blame.

      21.70 and going lower.