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  • docscience1300 docscience1300 Feb 28, 2013 7:41 AM Flag

    Campaign to ask pumping docscience to zip it for a month

    anyone who wants to see pumper docscience stop his bs pumpathon, please give me a thumbs UP. He will continue to pump this no matter how low the price falls. because he is the village idiot and probably the worst trader/investor in us history. also, because he is the king of boiler room pumpers. EOM

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    • i have 1 more thumbs up than thumbs down. i will take that as a mandate that docscience is indeed the village idiot. i am forwarding my results to yahoo so they can remove doc from this board as a "pumper" emeritus. goodbye doc. it was nice while your pumpathon lasted. i now own this board. i control this stock. only i will dictate what happens to your retirement portfolio. Ah soo doc.

    • What a joke you are. Steal my ID and try to pose as me in your asinine rambling of the stock will go back to .80/share when instead it climbed to 1.53/share! Who other than your many alises agree with you, a phony who can't even post using his own ID! LOL How about you leaving the board you jerk; I am invested in Hanwha SolarOne and will continue to post any positive information I can find to support my investment, Good Luck Longs! HOLD and RAISE your sell price to over 2/share!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • With schizophrenia, you are never alone.

      • docscience130 I've looked at this board from time to time. I really don't see who that idiot is trying to fool. I have the same issue on the JASO board. Where some phony no doubt working for a hedgefund with no real money in the game and uses my ID and adds lies to the end of it!

        Another these goons never know anything about the stock, although they are annoying they make themselves look rediculous. I think this is a problem Yahoo needs to address. I complained at the bottom of the page. Good Luck and believe me others reading these boards know those name calling and copying ID idiots are just that.

      • don't you post the same info over and over and over again? you recycle the same news doc. and i called the drop to $1.15 last month. what did you call that was correct? by the way, i covered under $1 and said so. nobody gives you any credibility. they laugh at you. who posts on your threads anymore besides me and my new pal glashutte? you have no followers. i am here to expose your stupidity and pumping posts.