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  • hangmaniceman1 hangmaniceman1 May 21, 2013 7:51 PM Flag

    The Big Picture.

    Nice move! Profit taking expected especially from momentum players and shell shocked long-time holders after going through what has transpired in the solar industry last coupler years. I see further upside in the horizon. HSOL currently lagging other solar names, yet it is expected to play catch-up, etc.

    STP had a 52.74% move today, yes, the bankrupt Chinese solar company. The market is valuating STP at 231m market cap vs. 146m HSOL. I see a massive under valuation in HSOL. Yet, the valuation will mesh towards fundamental equilibrium and unique positioning of HSOL in time.

    I would put an initial price target at 4.75 which is 200-day MA on a weekly chart. HSOL is currently both above 50-day and 200-day SMA on a daily chart and volume matching the increase in price action indicating accumulation (and intraday distribution in shallow numbers).

    Many solar outfits surprised the market recently with both decent top-and-bottom-line numbers with consistently confident guidance going forward, etc. Much greater clarity and visibility that the Street is looking for, etc. Due to unique positioning of HSOL in regards to political and subsequent tax issues, it should work in HSOL's favor, etc. ER just a few days away, and I have been accumulating for the last few days (lucky me).

    Good luck to you all longs!


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    • I like deeply valued stocks. My last two positions that I recently got out of (but still monitoring) are AMD (got in @ 2.05) and GTAT (@~2.86) both stocks having massive value adjustments and massive short positions, etc. Both stocks also have one thing in common: very healthy amount of skepticism. For both stocks, however, valuation talks should be sensitive and adjusted to/for time frames but no doubt going higher.

      Historically, HSOL always lagged other solar stocks. Yet, always caught-up to rest of them. Needs to digest recent gains. There has long been talk of SK company potentially buying the rest of the shares. I would say if they ever thought about that concept, this is as good as it will ever get, etc. Since SK and US and soon to be EU (final stages) and many other countries have free-trade agreements, HSOL is in a very unique place in the solar scheme of things, etc. Therefore, HSOL could be a hedge for any potential agreement/disagreement between US/China/EU, etc. HSOL can lose!