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  • vickersviscount vickersviscount Oct 24, 2005 12:47 PM Flag

    Communist Alert = Sierra Club again

    those frickin tree huggers . . .when will they learn. . .go back to Mendicino and live in a hut with an outhouse. . .

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    • Emymmud: What you say certainly makes a lot of sense, and I think it is probably a safe investment for as long as the Chinese behave like honorable capitalists. I recommend that you bear in mind that when it suits them the Chinese will do whatever appears to be in their interest; and that may not be in your interest. I suggest you use caution and watch the political and economic situation over there as closely as you are able. Concerning overseas mutual funds: (l) they usually can be purchased at discounts; and (3) with on-scene local managers they usually have a better awareness of the situation than we can over here. Good luck, JJ

    • dollface472 Nov 1, 2005 5:44 PM Flag

      I have wondered for sometime since we have borrowed so much money from China what is the chance or should I say what happens if they call our notes due. Do they or could they just take over our country. Something to think about as far as I am concerned.

      Back in the 1980's when the inflation was so high Australia I bought stock that paid 18%,
      price increased, some split and it really paid off for me. I sold it when things started straightening out over there. Can't remember when for sure but think it was in bout 1990.

    • dollface472 Nov 1, 2005 5:37 PM Flag

      I intend to buy some of the I Bonds in February. I think they anticipate the 5 year ones will pay 6.8% and that is good enough for me. You can buy $60,000.00 per year and they are not state taxable.

    • Gentlemen:

      The reason I am bullish on GSH. The company has
      allocated over $200 billion dollars to improve their system.

      The government is keeping the price of gasoline high to force the public to use mass tranportation.

      Moving raw materials from western China to the Eastren Industrial Area.

      IMO the government will keep the rails moving to avoid public unrest.

      I am not a big fan of mutal funds.

      Good luck to all of you in investments.

      Phillip oregon city

    • For an interesting view on investments in China, look at the FAX msg board. There is a posting entitled "Re: AUD, Oil, Metals". The author is Dotore, the posting time of the msg is Nov l/12.50pm. Regards, JJ

    • I would advise caution concerning investments in China. It is probably better to invest in closed end, discounted mutual funds that invest in China. After WW II, the Chinese borrowed a lot of US dollars to build a railroad (I don't know which one) in China. A few years later, the Communists under Mao Tse Tung took over the country and repudiated that debt. So now the Chinese have a US-built railroad that they got for free. The people running China are the offspring of Mao's government. They learned economics from communist teachers. They presently act like capitalists, - indeed, it is in their present interest to do so; but I don't think they can be trusted. Recently, they were outraged that Unocal sold the company to Chevron for less than the Chinese (Cnooc) had offered. I think the main reason Unocal accepted CHV's offer was that the Chinese had an escape clause in their offer. (Also, there was opposition in the US Congress.)

      The Chinese did not want merely to invest in Unocal, they wanted to take over the company. However, no foreign company can purchase a Chinese company. Foreigners can buy stock in a Chinese company, but the Chinese govt always retains control. I would not buy a US base mutual fund investing in Chinese stock, but I would think that would be a safer method than owning Chinese stock directly. With a mutual fund, if they nationalize a company, but not every company, the fund management may have a chance to dump their other holdings and get out of China, before everything gets nationalized. I certainly recognize a country's right of expropriation (in which a fair price is paid for the company seized) but not the right to confiscate (w/o payment).

      If we are all lucky, they will continue to act like capitalists; and if we are really lucky, China may become a capitalist democracy, where foreign investment will be protected; but we are not there, yet. I advise caution; don't bet the farm on China. Sorry to go on and on. Good luck, JJ

    • I think you are probaly alittle late on gsh it still pays a good div even now. I bought years ago at $5.00, but i don't see much of a increase in share price short term but it will increase long term

    • Summer:

      A smart investor and safe invester is a happy invester.

      A foolish investor and his money soon part.

      Phillip Oregon city

    • Summer:

      I have made money on VZ. Got GREEDY.

      Currently I am looking at Foreign Stock, in Asia, China. The market is intresting but not real comfortable with it.

      Personally their is just two much confussion in the market at this time to really make any purchase.

      Two stock in MHO are SSL, in South Africa and GSH, in China.

      Have a good day.

      Phillip Oregon city

    • Thanks to each of you for wishing me good luck.

      I really have no one to blame but myself. I have accoumalated VZ, over several. Average share price is in the 50's.

      Forget the first rule of investing never get greedy. Live and learn.

      Every one have a great week end.

      Phillip oregon city

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