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  • nativepatriot nativepatriot Jun 27, 2009 8:01 PM Flag

    14.43% rate increase!

    I bet GXP's customers like Management and the Directors just about as much as the stockholders. The only ones that now like GXP's Management and Directors are GXP's Management and Directors. An honorable Director would resign.


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    • Rate raise will go to CEO and Board of directors bonus's.

    • Maybe at somepoint this Country will open it`s eyes and use common sense.Whenever one party has full control blunders happen-can`t believe it elected a far left Pres.with absolutly no experiance and a tax raising high spending Congress.The only good part just over a year from now part of the problem will get better.

    • Back in the 60's, left-wing nuttism seemed got alot of press. Now it's the right wing's turn to make complete asses of themselves. It's worth anything to them to see Obama damaged, even if it means also damaging the country.

    • Forget politlcal parties-boy are you dumb.
      Now back to politics,Nobama has added more debt in a few months than all the Presidents in history put together,and please don`t say it`s all Bush`s fault.It`s the tax crazy all halfass way blame.

    • Yea and the country crashed with Reagan/Bush and again with Bush, JR. Doesn't that reasoning go by the wayside by now. Be glad to be able to pay-the more I pay, the more I've got. Only can spend so much!! And the reason for all this good fortune is living here. Only the greedy are complaining.

    • Its pathetic that every board has become an opportunity for right wing nuts to be critical of the President. Get a life, discuss GXP here not President Obama.

    • You didn't answer the question. Are you a politician too?


    • Why would any GXP shareholder complain about a rate increase?? You lost me there. Please explain.

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      • Unfortunately I am still a stockholder in GXP but I also am an electrical consumer(rate payer)in another area of the country than GXP'S service area. As both a consumer and stockholder I want to know "where are the cuts"?. No where have I heard of drastic cost cutting measures put in place by GXP Management that would correspond to the significant rate increases and extreme dividend cuts requested and dictated by Management. All the sacrifice is placed upon the consumers and stockholders. Where are the wage freezes and elimination of bonuses? Where are the employee reductions? Surely with the rate increases and dividend cuts that we have seen a 10% across the board reduction in personnel is warranted. Revenue is down so if they aren't doing as much why do they still need all the personnel? Company after Company throughout the United States has put in place cost cutting programs that cut into the meat of their business to weather today's extraordinary times but this bunch is continuing business as usual all the while asking their customers to pay more and their stockholders to take less. Management must go!


      • If I may, the point as I read it was that GXP BOD/Officers are now despised *both* by shareholders and consumers.

        Consumers are broadsided by a seemingly incredibly large overnight rate increase.

        Shareholders were broadsided by an overnight 50% decrease in intrinsic value of shares due to BOD/Officers actions/inactions/incompetence.

        This after both consumers and shareholders were bombarded by incessant promises and promissory prognistications from BOD/Officers about how much benefit both parties would receive from the long awaited Aquila takeover.

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