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  • doublerunlimited doublerunlimited Dec 9, 2007 10:00 PM Flag

    Bob, Newbies, and Longs

    I normally don't extend my opinion of anyone on this board, but in your case, I feel as though I must put this out to Newbies and longs.

    1. You said that you are just here to play the pump and have fun, if this were a pump which we all know that it's not. Why haven't you got in yet? If you think that this run is over, you are sadly mistaken, it has only just begun.

    2. IMO we will see new highs from here, and this is why.
    a.) This company is growing very fast, not only the gross but more importantly the "NET INCOME", 13 quarters and counting. For the "BB" this is unheard of!!!
    b.) In the last comference call Phil said that he was working on getting Institutional Investors to invest in our company, and he did it. Once again this is almost unheard of with companies listed on the "BB". I have been investing for 15+ years and I have never seen a "BB" stock get a deal like this. It say's something for the creditbility of management and the company.

    3. If you have followed this company for years like I have, then you must know that even without the great news that we have been receiving for the past month or so that this stock is going to run up at this time of the year regardless.

    4. So this is my opinion of you, and don't take it personal. You are either not very educated on NMKT or you are a paid basher. If you are truely interested in making some money, you need to put some money in NMKT "NOW" because NMKT is going to run up with or without you. See all you longs at $.40 sometime this week.


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    • Dude you need to find a new hobby if you really believe those scammy suckers at NMKT!!! All these PR pumping machines GO TO ZERO matter how good they LIE!! YOU ARE IN DENIAL!! BURN YOUR MONEY,,,THE PAIN IS OVER QUICKER!!

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      • A note to officer,

        if you are still on this message board and read this then I want to let you know that you may die very soon, and nobody will miss you. You are better off dead so that the worms can feast on your brain, theres not much of it unfortunately. Take a second to rememebr your father... awhile back... Now reflect on your achievements... Remember your last rejection... it all come together to make a lot of sense. Now think of all those things are bring them to your consciousness awareness and let it dominate your mind for a while. Maybe you'll change one day, otherwise you will remain miserable, and sorry for yourself.

    • If it goes good for those that can use it to get out...great. I think you and a few other newbie names that have popped up are just new pumpers.

      civilized. You are such a coward and lacking of any responsibility for self. I would think you are as sorry in taking care of sailors as you are a sorry investor.

      Anyone that has been around knows....and including yourself admitted to knowing I was a previous owner....

      Gainesville is right.. turds like you just can't stand it that some that believed in this company know a turd when they see and smell it. You attacked me because I attacked PV. That's the way of it but now you are dishonest even with what you yourself have admitted.... you just now say that I'm a basher.... I was there too.... blasting those that would stand against it.... but you... are sorry as can be.

      I bet you are the sort that your commander really tries to keep you busy away from anything important with your lack of good judgement.

      The weaklings like yourself are quick to throw out the insults but then want to take the high road and suggest you are above what you just did yourself.

      so....get fucked.

      You want to make jumps. ok.

      I bet your daughter knows you were a shitty father.

      There's one for ya....Senior Chief.

    • I'm sure by your lack of ability to relate to me as a civilized person you have been exposed yourself as a true basher, thanks for your help.

      I see you at $.40 this week. Then talk to me.


    • That's ok. I don't believe you've ever served in the military either. I refuse to believe that someone would have such a lack of bearing that they would jump from comments on board about the CEO of the company concerned to comments on military. So it's mutual.

      The offer to give your unit and location to provide the opportunity for the officer development you feel I need to be delivered in person. Maybe I can teach you a little proper separation of military and civilian activities to preserve the dignity and reputation of your service.

      I also consider you a sorry example of how weaklings and those with incredibly poor judgement in decisions made (such as equating stock board posting with military affairs)are now serving in positions being viewed by piers and subordinates as those with not a lick of sense.

      As to your daughter, your rationalle would also mean you are a bad father. The jump in this conclusion makes about as much sense as yours.

      Cheers..and oh yea...get fucked.

    • Officer,
      My daughter was also in the military, as a HM. If you were in the military you would know what that acronym stands for. I also was a recruiter for 4 years from 1998-2002. I believe that the military is a good stepping stone for all young men and women, not only does it teach you a trade but it also teaches you discipline, something you obviously don't have, and this is why I don't believe that you are a military man. And That is my opinion


    • well the last word is...get fucked

    • Frankly, I refuse to believe a military man could be so stupid as to make such a statement. I really do hate to try to conceive it.

    • Yes play golf. As to owning up, I see you are one that is eager to not accept responsibility for your actions. Stay on the golf course and out of anything real please. As to wishing you luck. I'd rather wish those that call me an asshole or tell me to fuck off good luck. Go your statement where you took it off the board into the realm of military...then go get fucked.

    • Officer,
      I'm not out yet, if you recall my previous post, I said 22+ and still protecting your rights. The right for you to say what you want.

      The right for you to hang out on this message board post idiotic statements.

      You still haven't manned up and wished me the best as I have done for you.

      Officer in my opinion I think that you have some serious problems with your life, I hope that you will get your life together. Posting on NMKT message board everyday won't help you, my suggestion to you, is you need to find a hobbie. Try Golf, it works for me.

      One again !!! Good luck to you in your life and investments

    • "It's a shame that you were not raised by me as an Officer (so you say), because I would have tought you better manners."

      I have no animosity for you. I don't know you and don't give a crap one way or another. Take your advice on military off the board, roll it up in a little ball, and shove it up your ass. Smug f.uck. Senior Chief...I deal with losers like you clogging up the way in the military all the time. You will get a similar reaction anytime you attempt to relate that crap militarily again. It's uncalled for and if you don't understand that then thank God you're out.

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