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  • slow_but_steady_kid slow_but_steady_kid Oct 14, 2006 9:22 AM Flag

    Since this board is so dead... my results with WRI

    Sometime around mid-1993, anticipating an improvement in the Houston economy, I bought 300 shares of WRI at a little over 30, for a total cost of just under $10,000. I stuck with it through thick and thin. That investment, dividends reinvested and after splits, is now 1525 shares worth over $67,000. More recently I bought a few shares in other acounts, and those have also done well.

    I have no complaints. Neither do I have plans to sell, though I recognize that REITS are fully valued.

    What is your history with WRI? And what are your plans?

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    • Likewise I bought in 6/93 and have just reinvested all dividends. It's all tax-deferred :-).

    • I bought 100 shares in 2001 at a cost of $42.00/share. It's split twice. I have not reinvested my dividends. I now have 225 shares worth $10,500 (up 147%). How can one argue with that performance? Like a cactus, it just grows with minimal maintenance. I'll add to my position when the market correction comes.

    • Glad you made a nice profit. Last January after I had just retired and started investing funds in my Rollover IRA, WRI was one of the first stocks that I had bought (1000 shares). Shortly after purchasing, the Company decided to change course in their business model. Looking at only the 4%+ dividends, and the possibliity that the stock would go down or be dead in the water, I sold. Now, I regret that decision and have changed my investing model. I had earlier set a plan for only investing in REIT's or Preferred's (part of my portfolio) that paid 7.5% dividends or better. Many do and I have done well. But, growth in capital gains: that is hard to predict. This REIT seems to have that capability and with any significant pullback in price from $45, I will be a buyer again for the long haul.

    • I've bought 100 shares. I like the trend line and will hold until it breaks. It seems like a safe bet for the next 6 mos.

      Any thoughts?

    • Bought it about two years ago at about $30, now at $44+. Good dividend. Can't complain.

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