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  • tigerpawn tigerpawn Mar 16, 2006 8:15 AM Flag

    bankamerica-as a customer

    thinking of switching all my banking over to bac, can someone tell me if they have ever had any problems dealing with them on checking
    account, savings and brokerage

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    • To me there are only two dates that matter. The day I buy the stock and the day I sell it.

    • I just took a quick look at the weekly chart at

      You can see that around late March the price had dropped down into around $42.

      I plead guilty to not being exact on my dates as well as the error on the dividend. Frankly, I was distracted by getting an email from my daughter about her decision as to what graduate school she had decided on. (Very good news.) But I'm not trying to avoid admitting my error.

      In the investment world you cannot measure things by the joule or gram. And sometimes all you have to do to make the numbers look better is wait a day or two. Only a few dates count in the investment world. The end of the year (fiscal and/or calendar), the quarter, and April 15th.

      Selection a different time frame is all you have to do to change a buy to a sell rating and vice versa, if all you consider is time. And that is what the guy I was responding to was doing. He would have had a better argument if he was arguing against a long term hold position.

    • You wrot, "Cats walk a lot better a lot faster after a hysterectomy than people do. <grin>"

      Especially the Tom cats!

    • You asked, "When will the profit taking kick in, late this afternoon?"

      I think you have seen it.

      Wouldn't be surprised to see a close above yesterday's close today and more up next week.

      The economics is just too damn good to find fault with stocks.

    • You seem to forget, that you can have a pinless transaction on a debit card! So hold on to your debit cards! That's one of the things they test for when they make updates to the debit card system.

    • You wrot, "Thats why I carry all my money around in gold bars."

      For ballast no doubt.

      When your boat goes down, it will go down with style! And quickly too.

    • You wrot, "I know that...just seeing if I could distress isn't easy.:)"

      Oh, you were trying to get me upset!?

      Well, next time let me know and I'll be upset just for you! Speak softly and carry a large donut.

      I'm upset with myself about making that stupid error in saying the dividend was $4 a year yesterday. Not sure what caused that. Senior moment? Threw my percentages way off. Now I have to apologize to all of my entire math classes! For proving I'm human! Thank goodness, I'm the only one on this forum that makes errors. <Grin!>

      I don't usually make such silly errors. At least try not to.

      Anyway BAC is up in weak market this morning. Wouldn't be surprised is BAC and the market in general dipped lower for most of the day and then recovered in the last two hours of the day to finish off the week up again.

    • Well at least he is not running his Model A Ford Truck in the 4th July parade with a Confederate Flag on the side. Progress walks with baby steps when you have killers in the family.

    • You asked, "Do you know someone who does not lock his doors at night?"

      Sure. But prudence does make good sense in a densely populated area, not so much from thieves but more from the random entry from those whose problems you are not prepared to handle.

      One of the things that impressed me upon my return to Central Florida after an absence of 30 years was the large number of gated communities that had developed. I see that not so much as any increased security as an increased fear factor. This fear appears to be a well orchestrated manipulation of people for political reasons and appears to benefit only the political and religious institutions in the area.

      People tend to fear others because they think of themselves as more important than they really are, a political commodity. Fear is the access to their over pathologically enlarged egos. There is no beneficial reason for the typical upper middle class person living in a gated community. And those that are above that economic strata can solve their own problems.

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