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  • retirein2019 retirein2019 Oct 24, 2006 7:28 PM Flag

    Online Banking


    I've read the recent posts concerning the 'massive' problems BAC is supposedly experiencing with online/credit card accessibility. Let me offer a couple of my own observations from personal experience.

    1. At no time the past several days have I experience any problems accessing the online banking site.

    2. Last week, and through the weekend, the online site had a notice posted that the credit card information would not be available due to changes being made. I assume this was for the transition.

    3. I was unable to access the credit card info yesterday, although the warning notice was gone. I don't know if this was due to a problem or failure to keep the notice posted.

    4. Today I've accessed my credit card information a couple of times to see how things are working. I did note that the system seemed a little slow (not online banking itself, just getting to credit card info). Whether this is due to systems problems or simply a huge number of customers trying to access I couldn't say.

    5. I happen to like the new format for credit card info. The presentation is a lot better than it was before imho.

    Folks, this was a massive conversion. Not only were the millions of MBNA customers added to the site, but the millions of BAC customers were moved to the MBNA credit card systems from TSYS systems. While it would have been nice to think that the bank could have pulled this off flawlessly, I'm not going to gat all that upset because they may have encountered a few glitches. C'mon people. Who else do you know has ever even attempted a conversion of this magnitude before?? Not even the Fleet transition involved so many customers being converted at one time.

    As a customer I'm happy. My info is there, I can access it, and everything is correct. As a shareholder I'm happy. This does not appear, at least from what I can see, to be a major problem and should not have any negative impact on the bottom line. Looks to me like fairly normal transition kinks that do happen from time to time. In addition, I fully expect BAC will do whatever it takes to ensure that no customer is financially impacted.

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