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  • mturner_71 mturner_71 Jan 24, 2007 2:38 PM Flag

    MBNA were SNAKES

    Ah HAH! You sir are a fighter! Unlike the many on this board, who so quickly figured me a credit card abuser unable to pay on time or carry a balance with any sense of intelligence.
    Everyone else on this board just rolls over and bares their belly up for the big money machine. Thats the problem with America. Too many complacent people who "Allow" this type of activity. I totally agree with being responsible with your credit cards, and that was not an issue, but being stolen from, by a company who in full greed excercised their default program on me, without any default on my part at all. Regularly changing their contract Far different from the original one you signed, to the extent of being able to look at your credit history with other creditors and charge you a default for being late on one of the creditors in your history. This whole thing, is such a freaking racket. Moving their headquarters to Delaware where the APR's are allowed to be whatever the company wants. I think credit cards and the money machine behind them (aside from poor personal responsibility of course) is killing americans financially. You can BARELY buy or sell without a credit history, and you go thru all the trouble of obtaining a history, and it becomes the one thing that destroys your financial well being. We are all being fed thru a machine, and these people who sit there and assume poor responsiblity as the problem are just like dead tree stumps in a field. Walking softly into the shadows, hunched and scared. I say no more. Boston Tea Party Relived.

    • Look like you found a fellow-traveler there, fellow mega-ninny, uber-ninnies in training.


      the two of you can get a room and spell each other looking for the black helicopters.

      Seriously though, we already have a Chief Conspiracy Theorist, you just haven't met him being's he's out to sea lately.

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